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Jürgen Klopp calls Brexit a decision "for old people in the countryside" and asks questions

Jürgen Klopp questioned whether the United Kingdom made the right decision in his decision to leave the European Union.

Britain will have a transitional period to its European neighbors next year as Brexit unfolds its full effect Speaking to the Telegraph, Klopp asked whether Britain's 40-year-old union would be in the best interests of Britain.

Football in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is influenced by the end of UK-UK relations with the EU, with visa permits that are likely to be required for foreign imports to trade in the Premier League and other leagues in the UK

And Liverpool boss Klopp, who freely admitted that he was not an intellectual, stated that Britain and the EU were in a worse position because they would not maintain their close ties as of March 201


He noted, "You can not have all the benefits of being involved with a team, and then behave like a star, and if you help your partner to be the best, he can be, and he'll make you the best.

"If I have a problem in a family, if I have a problem somewhere, then I stay in the family, stay in the club and sort out the problem.

(Liverpool fans could respond to the painful memory of Crystal Palace before the weekend meeting)

"There were tough times in the last two years in the EU with Greece, countries in Southern Europe really financially struggling, then refugees because of the Syrian crisis But that's a problem for all people Let's sort it all together

"I may not be the most informed person [but Brexit] was like land against cities , was a bit young against old and so democracy should not work.

"If you have made a decision for the whole country, then you will find a solution for the whole country and not for old people in the country, that's all."

Klopp signed a new contract with Liverpool to hold him at Anfield by June 2022 as he wants to build on the good work he has done so far in Merseyside.

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