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Jussie Smollett Attack: The surveillance video shows potential individuals interested in an attack in Streeterville, Chicago


In a surveillance video, potential targets were arrested in the attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett in the neighborhood of Streeterville, police said in Chicago Wednesday afternoon police said. The photos show two silhouettes on New Street near Illinois between Tuesday and 1:30 am to 1:45 pm. [2/26/2011] Tuesday around 2:00 am, 36-year-old Smollett reported he had walked alone in the 300 block of East North Water Street. When two people he did not know shouted, they proclaimed racial and homophobic interrogations. said the police. He told the Chicago police that the attackers were shouting "MAGA land," Guglielmi said.


. A dozen detectives were working on the case, checking hundreds of hours of surveillance video before they could find the pictures of potential buyers. The Chicago police said they would like to interview the two people because they had been questioned. Brandon Z. Moore, Smollett's music manager, said he had phoned the actor when he heard about the attack and the words "MAGA Land."

"I heard that clearly, I heard the noise and the race arc "Moore told Variety.

The Chicago police confirmed that they had spoken to Moore and his report was in the police report. The police said Moore and Smollett both said they were talking on the phone at the time of the attack. The police said they had not seen any telephone records to confirm their accounts.

The attackers allegedly beat Smollett's face with his hands and doused him with a chemical. The police said one of the persons wound a rope around his neck during the attack before they both ran away.

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When Smollett contacted the police Around 2:42 pm, he still wore the rope around the neck, said Guglielmi. Police in Chicago are planning to analyze the rope as part of their investigation. The chemical is believed to be bleach, but the police did not independently test its sweatshirt on Tuesday afternoon.

The authorities are looking for evidence or videos in the area between 1

o'clock in the morning and 3 o'clock in the morning, as well as to anyone who was near there at the time of the attack.

Smollett made it to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Prior to the January 22 attack, Smollett had received a letter threat sent to the FOX studio in Chicago threatening language and was interspersed with powdery substance, probably Tylenol.

The FBI is investigating this threat.
The actor confirmed to CNN's Don Lemon over the phone that the attack had taken place. Smollett said he defended himself and was shaken and angry that this could happen.

In "Empire", Smollett plays Jamal Lyon, who is gay. In real life, Smollett has also proven to be gay. He has been in the FOX show since 2015. On Tuesday, 20th Century Fox Television and Fox Entertainment released this statement:

"We are deeply saddened and outraged when we learn that a member of our EMPIRE family, Jussie Smollett, has been viciously attacked. Last night, we send our love for Jussie that is resilient and strong, and we will work with law enforcement agencies to bring these perpetrators to justice.The entire studio, network and production face all despicable acts of violence and hatred – and most of all against one of our own . "

Anyone with information relevant to the investigation should contact Area Central at 312-747-8382. Tips can be provided anonymously at www.cpdtip.com.

For information leading to the conviction of the attackers, a reward of $ 2,000 will be offered, said community activist Andrew Holmes. He said that information can be disclosed confidentially by calling 800-883-5587.

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