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Jussie Smollett, the fans have been slim, not Trump: Varney

The story of Jussie Smollett has nothing to do with money or markets. We are held to it because it shows the power of the elites. They will be ashamed of the day they used this power to get Smollett scot-free.

The story has indeed taken a really bizarre turn, in fact several bizarre twists.

One of Smollett's attorneys, Tina Glandian, says he did not lie when he said his attackers were white. No! The two Nigerian brothers might have a white face! Possible, yes … but still ridiculous.


Mr. Smollett arrived in Los Angeles last night. He declined to answer questions at the airport. He is in LA to accept an "image" award from the NAACP. What kind of "picture" would that be?

Wait, there is more: Chicago wants Smollett to reimburse the investigation costs of $ 1

30,000. In response to this, his Ace Legal team demands an apology from the mayor and the police chief, "for pulling the character of an innocent man through the mud."

Let's take a quick look: Smollett said Trump supporters beat him and made a noose around his neck. His story fell apart and he was hit with 16 criminal figures. Michelle Obama's former chief of staff had got hold of prosecutor Kim Foxx, and behold, the charges were dropped and the records sealed.

It's not over yet. The Chicago police union will file a civil lawsuit to get them back $ 130,000, and if they win, they could collect three times the money, and if they refuse to pay, they can decorate their pay.


This is a chronic embarrassment for the High and Powerful who have dismissed him from the NAACP and their image award … for his lawyers who fool themselves … and for the prosecutor who has put himself in real trouble

But there is one winner: President Trump. They tried to throw him. And in the end slimming.

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