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Justin Bieber does not laugh about the Weeknd Shading Selena Gomez, despite claim

  Justin Bieber Laughing at Selena Gomez's Week

Justin Bieber was not surprised about the weekend allegedly shadowing Selena Gomez despite a speculative and sensational statement. Gossip Cop can outsmart this absurd and untrue story, which has no substantive evidence. Allow us to explain what is going on here.

On Friday The Weeknd published a new album that has many speculating on Gomez in particular on the song "Call Out My Name", speculating that he had offered to be her kidney donor, there are lines Some say they meet shortly after their breakup with Bieber: "I said I do not feel anything / Baby, but I lied / I almost cut a piece of me. Your life / I was just another pit stop / "Until you've made your decision." Of course, The Weeknd did not reveal who inspired his latest music, nor did Gomez comment on the online discussion.

But HollywoodLife wants readers to believe that Bieber "Justin Bieber in the picture laughing hysterically after the weekends of Shades Selena Gomez: Coincidence?", The site asks ridiculously in a headline.The accompanying piece begins by explaining: "It seems like ever the Selena Gomez Diss track from The Weeknd! "The blog explains that since Bieber was" hysterically laughed "the same day, The Weeknd's album was dropped. But I wonder if he heard the song "Call Out My Name".

"Maybe JB finds it entertaining," the website suggests, but what is the evidence for such a theory? The socket has about none. On Friday, Bieber was actually photographed laughing by Paparazzi He was walking around with a friend in Los Angeles, but HollywoodLies, as it's called, has no idea what the friends were talking about, in fact, the online publication admits, "Of course we are not sure what the singer is about "Never Say Never" has ever laughed, but the timing is just too ironic. "[19659004] But there's nothing" ironic "about anything.Bieber was seen laughing, something he and most people probably do every day There is absolutely nothing that justifies the page that connects his apparent case of giggling with a song The Weeknd released the same day HollywoodLies does not even provide a context for the sighting available, suggesting that the blog did not investigate before jumping to its unfounded conclusion.

As seen in the paparazzi video by Bieber At around the same time as the picture of him laughing, he left with his buddy SoulCycle, greeted a fan in the street, went to a coffee shop where they stalked a little, and then hit another road before finally taking off in his car rose. Throughout the footage Bieber smiles and laughs. But somehow this has something to do with The Weeknd's new music? That makes no sense.

It does not make any sense to say that Bieber would be amused when The Weekend apparently denies their mutual love interests. Just ten days ago, the site insisted Bieber was "crazy" because he spent time all the way to Gomez of whom he was reportedly "constantly in the head". If that were the case, why would he find it strange that a new song is supposed to attack her? Looking back on this long story, Gossip Cop is also reminded that HollywoodLies claimed he had plans to return Gomez to "Wine and Food" when she returned from Australia to Los Angeles.

Well, she's back in California For days, the two have not even left together. Obviously, the point of sale did not know what she was talking about. And if there really was a "source," as claimed, then it would not have been wrong for the pair to have met, and the release might have been able to find out now whether Bieber really laughed at Gomez and The Weeknd as it stupidly believes.

For further evidence that HollywoodLies makes something out of nothing, compare and contrast the way JustJared wrote about the same paparazzi photo of Bieber laughing. With the headline "Justin Bieber Rocks Plaid Hoodie for Coffee Run With Friend," the post said he was "all smiled" and "looked like he was traveling with his boyfriend." Also stopped to take photos and chat with a young fan who recognized him on the street. "[19559004] Nothing nasty is described because nothing sinister has happened, especially Gomez and The Weeknd are not even mentioned, but HollywoodLies seem to deliver more false news than news.

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