Justin Bieber, pictured earlier this month, is talking about a burrito eating scandal.

One thing is clear Justin Bieber, that's no way to eat a burrito.

The "Sorry" singer was consumed in burrito food scandal after photos appeared on Reddit the Star, which sank in the middle of the tortilla delicacy. As if he eats corncobs. Or play the harmonica.

That's wrong.

It was not just etiquette experts in the arms.

"See how he eats a burrito as if he has never seen food," stammered Vanity Fair.

"WTF Is Justin Bieber doing this burrito?" E yelled! News

The Vice-Investigation team had a reporter eat a burrito sideways, resulting in utterly unsatisfactory food and a snappy commentary

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Beyond the mystery of what he's doing with food, some have pointed out that it's not Bieber could be, even if sweatshirt and hat were seen in the past.

Vanity Fair contacted Conor, the Reddit user who originally published the photo. He insisted he did it about a week ago at West Hollywood Park, near Bieber. Conor said he "hung around" with friends when they discovered the singer.

Conor did not mention whether Bieber, who described a burrito defiler, finished his meal.

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