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Juul-funded study finds that nearly half of smokers stopped after three months of vaping

J uul, the e-cigarette company that has dominated the steam market for years, has for the first time published scientific evidence proving that adults can successfully use e-cigarettes for smoking.

The study, published this month in the Harm Reduction Journal and funded by Juul Labs, found that more than a quarter of adults stop smoking after spending a month using a Juul device had used. After three months, nearly half said they had not smoked a cigarette in the last month. The study examined more than 1

5,000 adult smokers.

The release of the study is under intense scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration and state and local governments regarding youth vaporization. Outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb described the rise in youth fumes as an "epidemic" and incoming incumbent commissioner Ned Sharpless said he would push ahead with the FDA's fight against DDA.

The new study also showed that flavored juul pods, including mint and mango, increase smokers' chances of stopping. The FDA has recently forced retailers to withdraw some flavored steam products from the market.

Juul recently laid the focus on adult former smokers from his original marketing strategy, the colorful images of playful 20-year-olds who enjoyed the product, who could quit using Juul. The new study reinforces the company's longstanding argument that its product can help people quit smoking.

Data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that there were about 34.3 million adult US smokers in 2017, a 67 percent decline from 1965, but consumption of e-cigarettes rose in adults by about 7 million an year.

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