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JWoww Abuse Video: "Jersey Shore" Stars & Snooki Show Support

"Jersey Shore" Stars Express Their Support for Jenni "JWoww" Farley After Publishing Recordings Allegedly Showing Their Distinguished Husband by Roger Mathews

] On Wednesday, JWoww has posted several videos on her website, including a clip in which she and Roger argue over their two-year-old son, Greyson. However, a disturbing clip shows a man allegedly Roger, grabbing a woman who appears to be JWoww, and throwing her to the ground. In the video, it sounds like the man is saying, "Do you want to get violent?" The woman gets up and throws something at the man and says "F – k you" while the kids are screaming in the background.

In addition to the videos, the MTV star published a detailed statement in which she first addressed her upcoming divorce. JWoww went into extensive detail about marriage issues and suggested Roger's social media presence claiming he mistakenly considered himself a good father and husband. The MTV star even referred to a specific incident in which Roger allegedly gave Greyson food he was allergic to, and also accused him of teaming up with her ex-boyfriend to extract money from her.

"A message to Roger: In recent months, I have been trying to protect our children from public humiliation, because as parents we are required to protect them," she began. "I wanted to deal with it out of the limelight because our silence is their greater good, even if you wanted to disgrace my name, make false accusations and even mere lies … I was still as defiant as ever." Why? Because it's better. "

" I can no longer sit idle while you abuse and insult me ​​in such an outrageous way, "she continued," They have presented themselves to the public as a laudable father and husband, among mine alleged actions and behaviors. The altered perceptions that you have created for yourself in the social media are truly stunning. Her contributions are consumed with inaccuracies, false statements, selfish comments, downright misrepresentations and blatant lies.

JWoww had posted part of the letter on Instagram, but it was "too long" to show up as a whole, and the reality star redirected its followers to their website. (You can read the full explanation by JWoww

After the explanation and disturbing videos, many of JWoww's "Jersey Shore" co-stars and other famous friends have spoken up Yes, they're around Support.

"Here for you always and forever my love," wrote JWoww's BFF Snooki . "I love you so much J !! Your [sic] an amazing wife and mother! I'm fortunate to call you my sister, "commented Deena Nicole Cortese .

Fellow Star Angelina Pivarnick sent in a prayer sign and emoji. Lauren Sorrentino, wife of Mike "The Situation" who just started his eight-month jail sentence last week, also said: "Love you, Jenni." Ashlee Malleo,

the "RHONJ" appeared next to her mother Jacqueline Laurita expressed her support in a lengthy commentary. "Finish it. You are an amazing, hard-working mother, "she wrote." One day your children will grow up and they will know better by themselves. Do not worry. You do what you have to do. You will one day see daddy's immaturity and disrespect, and it will be no one is to blame for themselves. "

" And all the people who keep things to themselves for you … you're damned if you do, and damn, if you do not, "she continued," these are the same social media trolls that shit say, 'That's what you sign for a reality show' when they sit [sic] , At least now, your truth has been spoken. are very strong.

The following comments describe how people show their support for JWoww.

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