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JWoww posts video of Estranged husband Roger, who throws her to the ground


Post video by Roger

throws her to the ground

30.01.2014 6:03 PM PST

JWoww accuses her alien husband Roger of violent outbursts, exposing her children, conspiring with her exi … and she shares a disturbing video that apparently casts her on the floor.

The & # 39; JerseyShore & # 39; Star released on Wednesday a detailed statement on its website claiming that the Roger Mathews abused her several times during her three-year marriage. She has enclosed several videos … one of which seems to be the monitoring material of a violent incident.

In the clip you can see Roger grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. It sounds like he says, "Do you want to get violent?" JWoww gets up and throws something at him and says, "Fuck you." You hear kids screaming in the background.

JWoww also claims Roger was co-responsible for her ex-BF, Thomas Lippolis who was arrested last month allegedly attempted to blackmail her. JWoww says Roger got in touch with Thomas to "ally" with them and ruin their lives.

She also says that Roger has contacted other ex-relatives to "beat down."

Jenni continues This Roger painted a misleading picture of himself as a great father on social media with his two children, but behind the scenes … she says he often neglects her needs and health. It also describes an alleged threat from Roger, which is a USB attack he promised to use against them.

JWoww says the USB footage shows her breaking down hysterically when Roger picks her up and grabs her baby Greyson. She says that the video is unrelated and she is not afraid it will be released. She has posted at least part of this video on her website.

She says that despite all that, she tried to keep things civil for her children, but claims that he was a nightmare on all fronts. [19659007] It's been a bumpy ride since she filed for divorce . JWoww received a preliminary injunction against Roger in December and brought him out of the house.

We approached Roger for a comment … but not a word back.

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