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JWoww shares video with husband Roger Mathews, who allegedly mistreated her

In the midst of her stormy divorce fight, Jenny "JWoww" Farley has made an open letter accusing the estranged husband Roger Mathews of abusing her.

In the letter posted on their website, the 32-year-old "Jersey Shore" star claims Mathews deliberately tricked her autistic son, Greyson, into skipping therapies and giving him food for which he is "severely allergic."

"What is your actual truth? What is your reality? Is it the video you made while driving the kids that endangers them because you can not even take the camera for a minute while driving a vehicle? Is it the pizza that you gave to our 2-year-old son, who is extremely allergic to gluten and dairy products and seriously puts him at risk? "She wrote. "When I asked you about the food situation, you insulted me instead of acknowledging that the health of Greyson is paramount. How dare I worry about the health of our son? How dare you ask what Greyson eats during your parental leave? It's all about the safety of our son. Obviously, all of his medical professionals are in error, and you know best of all those who have examined him thoroughly.

JWoww also called on 43-year-old Mathews, with whom she also shares her daughter Meilani, to contact her former friends, one of whom had allegedly tried to extort money from her, while another beat her so brutally she insisted on her Hospital was inflicted to "damage" the MTV reality star.

"I have entrusted you with my painful past as a survivor of domestic violence," she continued. "How shaming that you used it to knock me down. When your own domestic violence against me was called into question, you decided to turn to these unspeakable people to intimidate me. Her attempt to bring this vile person back into my life (the mother of your children) after nearly killing me speaks volumes about who you really are. You are an abuser, Roger Mathews.

JWoww then referred to the incident in which Mathews was removed from her home in December after receiving a restraining order against him, claiming that she had found his previous arrest documents

Jenni " JWoww "Farley and Roger Mathews Getty Images

" A violent person is who you really are through and through, "she wrote.

At the end of the letter, JWoww posted several videos of her and Mathews. In a video taped by her native Nest camera, Mathews seemed to beat his estranged wife and push her to the ground. In another section, Mathews recorded a video bragging about another woman shortly after JWoww Greyson was born. There are also footage of JWoww throwing an object at Mathews while holding her son in his hand.

"I am disappointed that in frustration I threw myself one meter away, but in that way I was candidly mocked, where you talk about the desire of another woman & # 39; pu ** y & # 39 ;, shortly after I "It was terrible," she wrote, "I had cleaned glass that you had smashed in the kitchen, but they tried to make it look like I had broken the glass by breaking my glass You do not see that in the video you made, you do not see Gray upset in the video, you're as cool as a cucumber and relax without moving, just provoked and ridiculed and trying to strengthen me. "

" So they started a crusade to abuse me and get in the way of me and the children. "

She finished her letter with the explanation that she was no more "victim" u She would stay strong for her two children.

"They will not grow up if they observe their mother as a victim of domestic violence … Roger, knows this here and forever – my goodness should never again [be] for weakness," she wrote.

Mathews' representative told Page Six that they would not comment at the time.

However, Mathews previously claimed that JWoww invented a "fake story" "

" In [sic] I'm sorry it came to that. Find a person on planet Earth who says I did not fight for my family. "" You will not find her. I will survive this storm and now devote myself to complete transparency, so that in the end justice can prevail. "

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