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Kaley Cuoco spent Thanksgiving to rescue a baby seal

"Big Bang Theory" star and self-proclaimed animal lover Kaley Cuoco spent her Thanksgiving day saving a baby seal. She and her husband Karl Cook found an injured boy at the beach house of his family.

She wrote on Instagram that she was nervous that on a holiday there would be no help for the seal, which was "obviously lost and in pain". She said, "I called the 24-hour @cimwi___ (hotline for water and wildlife) and asked if anyone could help, they promised me a volunteer, but I was not sure if it was Thanksgiving Volunteers huddled around the seal, they all showed up to help! My heart is full and I am grateful that these gracious people have left their thanksgiving plans to help a needy animal The couple married in June and during a conversation with ET in March, Cuoco said that "no animals are left behind at their wedding."

"Every animal we have will be part of it. It's going to be very special, very emotional, and everything that matters to us, "she said." She and Cook have their own dogs, horses, and rabbits. "Cook is a professional rider.

In the January 201

8 issue of Sidelines, the couple said : "We have been the other half of each other since day one and can not wait to spend together forever. Dogs, horses and all! "

Cook added:" Horses are a big part of our lives, and taken together, they are strengthened because we have something in common and can do it together. "

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