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Kanye West appears to be peeing on Grammy after tweeting about Music Battle

He also claimed the Universal Music Group would not tell him how much his masters cost.

“Everyone, please cover me with prayer …” he continued. “I’m one of the most famous people on the planet and the universe won’t tell me what my masters cost because they know I can support them … black masters are important.”

Referring to the four children with whom he shares Kim KardashianThen West tweeted, “MY CHILDREN OWN MY MASTERS … NOT THEIR CHILDREN … MY CHILDREN … MY CHILDREN … MY CHILDREN.”

The “stronger” star vowed to do “everything”

; in his “legal power” and use his voice “until all artist contracts are changed, starting with getting my masters for my children.” At some point he also went into his own business.

“OK guys, look at this … I don’t have a contract with Universal … I have ten,” he wrote. “You’re trying to bury [sic] US ALIVE. ”

Then he tweeted what he thought were the pages of those contracts and wrote that he needed “every lawyer in the world to look at them”. He wrote that “This is what the Kanye West Deal looks like today” and that “I pray in the name of Jesus that it does not look like it will look like tomorrow”.

“THIS MOMENT WILL CHANGE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOR GOOD … I feel so humbled and blessed that God has placed me in a strong position to do this …” he also tweeted. “EVERYONE KEEPING PRAYER … HIS WORK … I’m on my knees this morning.”

He also called on other artists – including Drake and Taylor Swift, with whom he had a longstanding feud – to show their support. West wrote on Monday in a tweet that has since been deleted that he will “no longer publish music until I finish my contract with Sony and Universal”. E! The news asked Universal and Sony for comment but received no response.

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