Kanye West Gives a 10-Minute Monologue at the Oval Office of the White House during his visit to President Donald Trump and NFL legend Jim Brown.

In October Kanye West said he was taking a break from politics.

But that was the last year.

On Tuesday, the rapper jumped with both feet in the controversial waters and shot a flood of tweets, which covered everything from his love for President Donald Trump on his own political aspirations to fashion.

He started the afternoon tweet – festive statement: "Trump all day", followed by dragon mojis and "So you know where I stand in 2019".

The dragons are probably referring to a April tweet in which West said he and Trump had "dragon energy." that makes them "natural born".

Then he went on to what the meat of his New Year message appeared to be, saying, "They will not program me," and "Blacks are 90% Democrats, which sounds like a check to me."

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He also tweeted "2024." West has spoken this year about running for president.

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West encouraged his Twitter followers, "Love All" and "Start the year clean," before declaring his love for his MAGA hat and saying, "From now on, I'll show up with my (explicit) hat."

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He finished less than an hour after he had started saying : "One of my favorites from m What the trump hat means to me is that people can not tell me what to do because I'm black."

That seems to put an end to this: "I distance myself get involved in politics and concentrate on being creative! "

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