Kanye West's injurious claims against Drake – did you really think we'd see the end of it? Kim Kardashian on Instagram, much to his dismay. His response was telling. He asked, "Imagine having a problem with somebody and they are following your wife on Instagram?" ̵

1; a rhetorical device he must hope wants to galvanize his Twitter base.

Kanye does have a point; keeping your nemesis' wife within arms reach makes little sense, from a sensitive point of view. Insecurities aside, adultery is a heartbreaking sin, and Kanye West has a lot to share with him.

Kanye West abruptly brought his Twitter spree to close with a message of convalescence. "Love everyone," Kanye opined, paul once again. Last time out, Drake shrugged things off, but not before a phone call was placed with little result. Kanye West is proud to second and third helpings.