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Kanye West said, "Get up," but it was just a troll

After a wild week on Twitter, Kanye West gave the fans a new track called "Lift Yourself".

The rapper posted the record on social media and linked to his official website.

But unfortunately it looks like everything is just a troll. At least we hope that's how it was.

Most of the record contains a woman's voice that sings, "Get up on your feet, let's face it / hard to see, the suspensions we have today." Ye comes in less than a minute, and delivers one of the most bizarre verses we've ever heard of him: "What they do not really recognize is this next stanza, this next verse, these bars: Woopdity (1

9659006) Earlier this day, the track claimed that it would bring "Ebro" (Darden) the closure he was looking for. "

I will drop a song with a verse that will close Ebro after he

The Bars ?????????????????????? 1965

It's called Lift Yourself

– KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 27, 2018

Although it was not what the fans had expected, "Lift Yourself" marked Yes's first solo record since 2016. The rapper is preparing for one Seven Track to release album on June 1, as well as a collaborative project with Kid Cudi on June 8. Fans have not heard any material from the upcoming albums; But Charlamagne tha God recently described the project as "real shit".

"I think it's much like," socially aware "Ye -" Message "Ye," Charlamagne said during a recent Brilliant Idiots podcast. "[…] You know how on Pablo he had like" real friends "that shit was about something, it was about fake friends and who you really are friends, he's in that mood, he's talking about Not to say that he does not always rattle about real crap. "

Judging by Charlamagne's description, it's safe to say that" Lift Yourself "will not be on the highly anticipated album.

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