The entrepreneur and tattoo artist Kat Von D was concerned with rumors she was Nazi and Vaxxer on YouTube videos. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kat Von D, a new mother, make-up brand entrepreneur and celebrity tattoo artist, says in a new YouTube video from that she's neither neo-Nazi nor anti-Vaxxer [19659005] In the 11-minute video, the 37-year-old from the beginning treated both topics because she "got a lot of hate".

"To set the record from the beginning, I just want to say that I'm not anti-Semitic and not anti-Vaxxer," she said.

"Those are the ones that really do not suit me well," she said. "I mean, if anything, they are extremely offensive and very hurtful, not just for me, but for my family."

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D said in the video that a male tattoo artist from "Miami Ink "felt threatened when her show broke out" LA Ink "and he formulated an" anti-Semitic message "on her head shot. He showed it to the network and the media. Then, in her early twenties, a network publicist advised her to keep quiet and let it all over.

"Overnight, I was falsely branded anti-Semitic," Von D. said, "and I had no idea how to handle it or what to do."

D was also connected to National Socialism through her relationship with Jesse James, which people may remember, was shown on a 2010 photo that wore a Nazi hat and saluted two fingers under her nose. James & # 39; Attorney told CNN that the "Monster Garage" star is not a neo-Nazi, but collects memorabilia. More photos appeared a year later when James gave the Nazi salute. James and Von D met in 2010 after his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock ended the same year.

Von D had also planned to release a lipstick called Selection in 2015, which ABC reported that the NS extermination camp had "the selection of cases to be eliminated".

Addressing Anti-Vax Comments

Von D addressed the vaccination comments before the birth of her son. In a long-dropped Instagram post, Von D said she planned to "have a natural, drug-free home birth in the water with a midwife and a doula" and "raise a vegan child without vaccinations."

Last year's post came up against a lot of criticism, and Von D stopped selecting pages in their video that controversially discussed the topic and kept things vague.

"I'm not an anti-Vaxxer," she said. "What I am is a mother who comes for the first time, I am one of the mothers who reads everything, everything that goes on in my baby or my baby, I research like a complete and total nerd." After doing some research Of course I have experienced some hesitation. "

D said she regretted publishing her thoughts on Instagram after being asked if she would be vaccinated. She will not make that mistake anymore.

"Since then, we as parents have decided to consult with our pediatrician and just have him educated and guided by us," she said. "But unlike before, I've learned my lesson and decide not to publicize our decision or our baby's health record."

Kat Von D announced the birth of her son, Leafar Von D Reyes. in december with husband, musician and author Rafael Reyes, who goes from Leafar Seyer.

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