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Kate Mara assumes another political death

This summer, she plays a 1980s housewife in New Jersey whose husband works for the Trump organization in FX "Pose," which is currently filmed in New York. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…27&Itemid=47 In the flat in Manhattan 's apartment where she temporarily stays with her husband Jamie Bell and their old Boston Terrier Bruno sits together, she talked about her gruesome scenes as Kopechne and the recent allegations against Mr. Spacey (19659004) Kopechne joined in 1964 in the secretariat of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and then became "boiler house girls". What's this?

It's an expression they used for the girls who worked on Kennedy's presidency in 1968. Her office was boiling hot because there were no windows, and it was in this dark area of ​​the building. They would work there for hours and work their butts off.

How did you ensure that you did not follow the rumors about Kopechne?

She achieved so much and was only 28 when she died. She started as a teacher, and then she played a very important role in Bobby Kennedy's campaign. So I wanted to make sure she was not just portrayed as a gossip Ted Kennedy could have had. Obviously it was a possibility. But I appreciated the fact that we would leave it as it really is, which is a mystery.

The official result was "death by drowning". But some have speculated that she stifled when the water in Kennedy's car rose over for several hours. What was this shootout?

Terrible. [Laughs grimly] It was very surreal. We actually turned in a car that was turned over in an underwater tank and it was held by wires. And they would dip it a little more, then a little more, and the car would fill up with water over time. They had one of the doors free so I could swim downstairs and get to the bottom half of the car where the actual air pockets were. And I had this amazing stunt team of ex-Navy SEALs who were under me, protecting me in case something went wrong. It was quite a ordeal. Yes, it was not fun.

And now you're shooting Ryan Murphy's "Pose" about the ball culture of the 1980s.

It is inspired by "Paris Is Burning". I'm glad to see all these women dancing [on the series] Because when you go online or on Instagram and follow one of the "houses", it's unbelievable. Your actual fashion, posing – however you want to call it – is an art form.

The show is said to be the largest L.G.B.T. (19659014) It's pretty mental how many characters we have, and it keeps growing with each episode. It's so awesome when you open a script and see all the names of the characters, and most are trans.

They do not kill you, right?

No, God, I hope not! [19659017] I have to ask for "House of Cards" and work with Kevin Spacey.

I had a really amazing experience on this show for the 13 episodes I was in.

Did you have any idea of ​​the alleged thing? Sexual misconduct that led to his demise from the show?

No, the whole thing is very shocking and devastating to me.

A new teaser shows Claire Underwood sitting at the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. Can Robin Wright, who plays them, wear the last season of the show alone?

Oh my god, I'll tell you that from the first day I've been waiting for Robin to take command! There is nobody like her.

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