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Kate Smith controversy embodies the modern absurdity of sport

This week the New York Yankees stopped playing a "God Bless America" ​​performance of a woman who had raised hundreds of millions of dollars to help defeat Adolf Hitler's Germany. And the Philadelphia Flyers hid their statue outside their arena.


Because an angry activist e-mailed the two teams, Kate Smith, the singer of the recorded song "God Bless America," may have been racist in lyrics to songs she sang in the 1930s. The songs, regarded by many as satires – that is, they existed to humorously ridicule, not to glorify, racism in the 1930s – were often sung in the 1930s by famous black and white singers.

But that's not true That's one thing.

Smith, who has been dead since 1986 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan in 1982, was an accused grandmother who could not defend herself against the charges.

They know, according to their obituary in the New York Times: "During the Second World War, not a single show business figure approached them as a seller of war bonds. During an 18-hour visit to the CBS network, Miss Smith sold $ 107 million in war bonds issued by the United States government to finance the war effort. Her sum for a series of marathon transmissions was over $ 600 million. Well, six hundred million dollars are obviously a lot of money no matter when it was taken, but as we take old actions and putting action In a modern context, the Smith worth 600 million US Dollar had raised for the fight against Hitler during the Second World War, today's money corresponded to nearly 11 billion US dollars.

$ 11 billion!

Smith also covered over 520,000 miles to entertain American troops abroad and fight against Hitler.

Now I know that it is popular in social media when modern social justice warriors claim that the current American politicians are Nazis, but even these people would have to admit that it's better to really help, really Beat Nazis by collecting more money than any other entertainer of your era than calling people they disagree with in social media Nazis. (Unfortunately, they would not do that.) An RT calling a politician you disagree with a Nazi is the modern equivalent of the storm on the beaches of Normandy. All in all, it's the same!)

But None of this story This is important, because if someone emailed a nearly one-hundred-year-old racism claim in 2019, we must immediately pretend that the defendant had never existed and cut them out of public life.

Do not you believe me?

The Philadelphia Flyers did not ban the play of Smith's singing. They overcame the statue of Kate Smith in the parking lot in front of their venue as you can see in the photo above.

Seriously this happened in 2019.

How scary is that? A few people send an e-mail to a team, and the next thing you know, the team tries to erase that person's existence.

For those who ask why a story like this is important, this is because of the precedent. If you respond to this claim of a warrior against social justice, do not quench the fire of their indignation, but encourage them to go on and move on to the next goal.

These constantly attacked and insulted people are never happy and content to just go on to the next indignation and repeat the process over and over again.

Now it may be a bit strange that Kate Smith has a statue outside of the Flyers Arena, but Smith's connection to the Flyers has become part of the team science. When they played Smith's "God Bless America" ​​in the arena, a tradition that began in the 1960s, their team record was outstanding. So the trend grew and made Smith attend big games and sing before the games started. After Smith sang before Flyers's 1974 Stanley Cup Championship, she had become a fan-fan with a statue of her own, part of the team legend and story.

But this changed both for the Yankees and the Flyers this week as the team leaders panicked some emails.

I want you to think for a moment – what kind of person goes through the recording history of a woman who's been dead for over thirty years to complain about a nearly 100-year-old song recording? Is this person a normal, reasonable and representative example of modern American life, or is this person an obsessed loser of being a victim?

I think we all know the answer.

Why do we make our way the worst people in our society?

Especially when evidence indicates that Americans of all races, ethnicities, and religions are fed up with this kind of people who infect their own kind of cultural division with us.

In fact, according to a recent Pew research report, you can read the entire report here. This is summed up by The Atlantic if you're too lazy to read the whole thing:

"Under the general population, a full 80 percent believe" Political correctness is a problem in our country. "Even young people do not feel comfortable with it, including 74 percent aged 24 to 29 years and 79 percent under 24 years. In this particular case, the guards are in a clear minority throughout all age.

Youth is not a good proxy to support political correctness – and it turns out that race does not matter either.

The White is still something less than the average believes that political correctness in the country is a problem: 79 percent of them share this attitude. Instead, it is Asians (82 percent), Hispanic Americans (87 percent) and Indians (88 percent) who are most likely against political correctness. Three quarters of African Americans are against political correctness. This means that they are only four percentage points less than whites and only five percentage points less than the average that political correctness is a problem. "

Think about these dates for a moment At an age when we are told that we disagree about almost nothing, 79% of the American public believe that this country is far too politically correct, including a vast majority of all races.

Nevertheless, stories like this arise.



Professional sports teams are so scared of being labeled as racist by a few malingering losers – and the sports media controversies as they artificially inflate and make them appear more valid than they are – that they drastically take action on based on a few emails.

Only in this way can these statements of the teams be explained.

Quoth the Flyers:

"We have recently learned that several of Kate Smith's songs contain offensive lyrics that do not reflect our values ​​as an organization. As we continue to grapple with this serious issue, we remove Kate Smith's recording of "God Bless America" ​​from our library and cover up the statue that stands outside our arena. "

They uncovered their statue! The woman who raised over $ 11 billion to beat Hitler!

I mean, in which world do we live?

In the meantime, the Yankees have said the following:

"We have been notified of a recording that was previously unknown to us and decided to promptly and carefully review this new information. The Yankees take social, racial and cultural insensitivities very seriously. And although no final conclusions have yet been drawn, we are mistaken on the side of sensitivity.

The Yankees had no first black player until 1955. The Philadelphia Flyers had no first black hockey player until 1974. Are the Yankees and Flyers today racist organizations because it took them so long to make those decisions?

Of course not.

Like any part of American society, these teams have evolved.

So why? historical personalities continue to judge by modern standards that have arisen after their death, as opposed to their own standards in the past? And why in the world does anyone assume that by playing a popular version of "God Bless America," the Yankees or Flyers support any statement that the singer of the song has ever made in their lives? In particular, statements made almost a hundred years ago.

I had hoped sports leagues and teams would get smarter as the NHL responded to the recent controversy surrounding the old "offensive" tweets of St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington:

"These are five Years old social media posts from a player who was not even part of the National Hockey League at the time, "said the NHL. "While we certainly disapprove of public commentary that may be considered insensitive, we have not yet seen anything that would cause us to take action in response to these items."

This should be the answer to any social media controversy.

In fact, I think the person trying to make controversy like this public should be pilloried on the public square as well. Because people who try to share controversies like this almost always have bigger skeletons in their own closets.

Do you know why?

Because they are human too! We are all imperfect.

If someone said something before using it on social media, should not that be the standard of every team and league?

I think so.

And it's certainly what Americans believe most.

Hell, look at the state of Virginia. The Democratic governor of the state, a white man, may have taken a racist photo in his yearbook of medical school. Then the vice-governor, a black man, was accused of sexually assaulting two black women. Then the attorney general admitted that he had created Blackface for a college party.

The media was in turmoil, all three men had to resign, right?

Except … nothing happened.

And the national media disappeared and history receded into the background.


Because the residents of the state of Virginia did not think that none of the men should lose their jobs. Above all, a majority of black virgins did not believe that the governor should resign. And a majority of Virginian also did not believe that the vice-governor would have to resign due to alleged sexual assault that was not linked to criminal charges.

That's because most of us have common sense.

When a person is judged for what they did or did decades ago, we judge them by what they are doing today. And when we do that, you know something, we do not judge it by a word, a sentence or a single photo or a specific action, but we judge it by the totality of its actions.

Every day, every week, every month. and over the last fifteen years that I've earned myself a public figure, every year I've received dozens (and sometimes hundreds or thousands) of emails, tweets, Facebook messages, and phone calls complaining about something I said or written.

And do you know what I do with all of them?

Ignore them.

Do you know why?

Knowing the vast majority of the American population – the majority of all races, religion, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity – is tired of our false indignation culture, and even if it does not agree with every opinion I have, they appreciate the fact that every day I share my honest opinion you can not let the perpetual cranks and the constantly injured persons win, you can not apologize 19659002] And you can see the statue of a woman who has collected hundreds of millions of dollars In order to defeat Adolf Hitler, do not disguise, because a few e-mailers are professionally outraged by what they did nearly a hundred years ago, helping to defeat the greatest scourge of their era.

Actions like the ones undertaken by the Flyers and the Yankees are not meant to unify America anymore, it's about pulling us all down and playing off against each other.

In almost all cases, if you refuse to apologize, stories like these just go away.

The worst thing you can do is encourage the complainers.

But that's exactly what this country does over and over again. [19659002ItistimeforthequietnessofrationalAmericanstoregaincontrolofourcountryandtotakeoursportsandkickthecurbs

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