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Keanu Reeves fans "huddled together" at the idea that he might be from Angelina Jolie

Until recently Keanu Reeves was known for some of his leading roles in the past – but since the John Wick films' success, he has had a great resurgence. Not only is Reeves back in the limelight of Hollywood for his films, he is also considered one of the nicest men in the industry. And the fact that he has remained single and apparently wished to have his own family has not gone unnoticed.

Fans would like to see Reeves Date, but after a recent tabloid claimed he saw Angelina Jolie, the fans unleashed their true feelings. Here's what they think.

Keanu Reeves fans bring him up to date.

  Keanu Reeves (R) participates in the world premiere of Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4
Keanu Reeves (R) attends the world premiere of Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4 | part Rich Polk / Getty Images for Disney

It is no secret that Reeves has a tragic past. In the late '90s he had a serious relationship with actress Jennifer Syme and they even planned to have a child together. Unfortunately, her child was a stillborn girl and this seemed to create tensions in her relationship, leading to a split. Syme then died in a car accident after losing control of her Jeep in 2000. Since then, the famous actor, according to Reeves friend had difficulty making deep ties with those who are close to him. "Sometimes it's almost as if he does not dare to have a relationship with anyone," the friend allegedly said to People.

Now that everyone knows that Reeves is single, they seem to be updating him. also. Sandra Bullock's name was thrown out after Reeves mentioned to Ellen DeGeneres that he once had a crush on her, and Charlize Theron was also mentioned. Apparently, Angelina Jolie is also the newest in the rumor mill.

A tabloid claimed he and Angelina Jolie were seeing each other.

  Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie | Andrew McConnell / UNHCR on Getty Images

Gossip Cop notes that the tabloid Star claims Angelina Jolie has challenged Keanu Reeves. The report said the two met in 2017 and found they had a lot in common. "Keanu gives her butterflies! After all, he's just her type – nervous and a bit mischievous. In addition, she finds it stunning, "Star claimed, an insider had told them, and the insider then apparently noticed that Jolie had her friend contact Reeves to ask for a date," an intimate dinner

However, Reeves' staff have completely suppressed this story, and Gossip Cop notes that the Reeves spokesman has sent this statement to Star: "Their story is completely false and based on no truth. This event has never happened, and once again, you produce and invent lies to increase your sales for purely financial gain. "There is also much evidence that Angelina is working on tons of her own projects and has not had time yet [19659003] Fans seem to disapprove of this pairing

  Keanu Reeves
Mike Smith / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank on Getty Images

It seems the fans are pretty happy that Reeves and Jolie are not getting together. A Yahoo user said they did not like Jolie and lost a lot of respect for her when she started dating Brad Pitt. "After watching the latest posts about what a gentleman Keanu Reeves is during photo ops; I winced as I read the headline about a possible connection between him and Angelina.

And another person commented in the same forum: "Is it strange that I am glad that this is not true? I do not know any of these people personally, but I'm a fan of Keanu since I was a kid and he just seems to be too good for her. "Another one repeated that feeling." Thankfully, Reeves avoided this disease. He is one of the few remaining actors who are down to earth and treat everyone with respect. "

We're not sure who or who Reeves will meet in the future – but it sure seems fans will react better than they did the wrong Jolie news.

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