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Keeping Up with the Summary of the Kardashians Season 16, Episode 11: Jordyn-Tristan scam scandal blows up family

The reality show finally caught up with the real world when "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" finally came at the time when the Kardashian clan discovered during the NBA All between Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson had passed -Star Weekend.

This week's fallout was extremely tame compared to the teasers of next week's squad, which saw several moments of Khloe going out of control and screaming (see below). It's worth noting that by the end of this lesson, she had not really talked to Tistan, so it's fine that she has been able to stay cool so far.

There is also the fact that she did not feel this caused her to suffer from migraines and severe nausea and even get an MRI. But all this and the storylines about Kanye West's Sunday service and Khloe's home renovation were thrown in the breach as the call came in on Jordyn and Tristan.

From then on there was a series of telephone and kitchen desk conversations where all family members tried to obtain information and process the information received. And while Jordyn spoke in embarrassment to Kylie, it was repeatedly pointed out that she had never apologized directly to Khloe until then.

The following is just a few snippets from Khloe and her family. while they try to put the story together in the next few days.

Khloe: "Jordyn was with Tristan until 7 in the morning, why were you there until 7 in the morning?"

Khloe: "She said," He tried to kiss me. "And read:" I can not remember if we did or not. "

Khloe: "She said: & # 39; I can not remember kissing. & # 39; I said," If you're too nervous to tell me, you can write me something. "And she said : "Okay, I'll call you in five minutes." (She did not call back)

Khloe: "Jordyn called me and said, 'I was your watchdog last night. "She's here to protect me and keep an eye on her, so she stayed as long as she did."

Kendall: "She's like the last person on the planet that I would have said Even if he had kissed her and they were unprepared, she would call Kylie, tell her exactly what happened, that's the way I would do it. "

Khloe:" Khoe: So Jordyn said that they did it. "
Kylie: How do you tell me that I saw Tristan at a house party and know what you did in the back of my mind?
Khloe: Yeah, she says, I can not believe that's gonna happen, I'm so confused. I mean: & # 39; you're confused? & # 39; "

Khloe:" Khloe: She meant: & # 39; I love you. My loyalty is always yours. & # 39; "
Kim: "What are you talking about? Loyalty is to you, that's the biggest contradiction ever."
Khloe: "It's also for Jordyn to know everything I've been through with Tristan, my heart is in my eyes."

Kim (to Kylie): "Kim Kylie, she takes care of her whole family of what you gave her, and the disregard of just̵

1; like, she needs to know there is a problem."

Khloe: "She blames him, & # 39; I was so naive."

Khloe: "Khloe: I literally can not believe him when he tells me he's black and tall 'Are you or is that a mask you wear?'

Khloe: "I got more details that left everyone and Jordyn still stayed in. Sitting in a chair on his lap, they were all over each other, they were handy, they made it out, it's disgusting. I'll never get the depths of his … "[unfinished thought])

Khloe:" They're both to blame, I'm not just blaming Jordyn, Tristan, we all know what he's capable of, see what he's done When I was nine months pregnant, but I knew who he was, I never thought that would be who. "

Kylie:" I called her and she did not really say anything just so, you know, crying all the time, and I just told her, "I'm scared of you now, so you'll be able to wake up with a smile on your face the next morning." [19659002] Khloe: "She says: & # 39; It was not a big deal, it was not intimate, it was not intimate sexual. & # 39; It was not that at all, what she said to me on the phone. Now she plays it down.

Khloe: "Jordyn has never said I'm sorry."

One of the big questions that many fans had is how this will affect Kylie's long friendship with Jordyn Has been inseparable since junior high school With Jordyn, another member of the family, it seems that Kylie has come into conflict with this topic again in recent years.

"It will never be the same again," she said thoughtfully to her sisters, "at least for a while … if we decide – or I choose to keep her in my life."

Khloe simply said : "Yes," but already a million things went through her mind. Besides, what's the right protocol here? By this time, Tristan had admitted that something had happened, but Khloe had not talked to him directly about it and she obviously had not fully processed her feelings for the whole.

And nobody had spoken face to face with Tristan or Jordyn for what we could see. She has not publicly responded to the episode, but said before she aired (but after her explosive trailer was released): "Everyone has their truth and history, so just join in. Everyone is right "Tell their truth."

As her story unfolds on "KUWTK," about which Jordyn has no creative control, she said, "Hopefully … the true I will shine." Woods did not appear in the episode except in the early scenes, when Khloe talked about the upcoming remodeling of their home. Apart from that, the sisters and Kris Jenner shared in various conversations what she had said to them.

And that was the bulk of tonight's conversations, where people try to process intimate treachery and shocking developments of the people closest to them. There was a sense of dizziness in the process, possibly because of how everyone felt these days. But that does not stop.

Next comes a real emotion, including anger and rage, when Khloe finally triggers all her pent-up frustration in multiple outbursts.

At some point she screamed: "F – k those hoes! These F – queens think they can kill our men f – k! In another, with tears, she tells the cameras, "My family has been ruined, I'm not just a TV program, it's my life." Season finale "Keep up with the Kardashians" on Sunday at 9 pm ET on E!

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