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Kelly Clarkson offers Taylor Swift some valuable advice to get the upper hand in Scooter Brown controversy

After the recent drama by Taylor Swift and Scooter Brown, Kelly tells Clarkson which side she is on.

The singer recently joined Twitter to give advice to Swift in the ongoing controversy with celebrity manager Scooter Braun.

  Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Photo by Jared Siskin / Getty Images for Warner Music Group

While other celebrities voiced their support for the singer and publicly called on the social media manager, Kelly Clarkson has a solution to the drama that many hope will be Taylor Swift she uses to her advantage.

Clarkson wants Swift paid for her music, not Braun.

It has been a few weeks since news about Taylor Swift and her feud with Scooter Braun became known.

Earlier this month, Swift went to Tumblr to reveal that Scooter Brown owns and does not publish virtually all albums from Taylor Swift to Reputation after purchasing the Big Machine Label Group will the rights to their music.

Taylor Swift | Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Amazon

"In my worst nightmares, I never thought the buyer would be a scooter," Swift wrote. "Every time Scott Borchetta heard the words" scooter brown "out of my lips, it was when I cried or tried not to." He knew what he was doing; they both did it. Control over a woman who did not want to be associated with them. Unlimited time. That means forever.

While many celebrities shared their outlook on the situation, Kelly Clarkson gave Taylor Swift a little piece of advice to regain control of her music.

Clarkson advised Swift to re-record all her old songs the fans can pay Swift instead of Brown.

"Just one thought, you should re-record all the songs that you do not own the masters and describe exactly how you made them, but put brand new art and a kind of incentive with it the fans no longer buying old versions, "Clarkson tweeted to Swift last weekend," I would buy all new versions just to prove it. "

Since Taylor Swift was reported to have to sign a contract that would tie her up for another 10 years at Big Machine or its new owner buying her masters or the label, the re-recording of her older songs would finally give her the property she wanted over her music.

Kelly Clarkson knows what it's like to be bullied in the music industry

As Taylor Swift claims, Scooter Brown "bullied" her for years, Kelly Clarkson looks for ways to make her look easier as if she would have been bullied by label managers in the past. As early as 2017, Clarkson revealed Variety that she constantly had to argue with RCA Records about what her sound should look like from the start.

Kelly Clarkson | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The singer also recalled that she was belittled by music mogul Clive Davis and his co-workers when she first played "Because of You" for her.

"I was told this is a great song because it does not rhyme," Clarkson said. "A group of men thought it was okay to sit down and harass a young woman. I was told to shut up and sing. And then this is the best part. He [Davis] played the song to me, which was to appear on my written album "Behind These Hazel Eyes". Am I a writer?

At first it was difficult not to have complete control over her music, but after she had fulfilled her contractual obligation, Kelly Clarkson left RCA Records and signed with Atlantic, with whom she is currently working.

As for Taylor Swift, the singer is currently under contract with the Universal Music Group, which will release their next album "Lover". She shared how pleased she is to be "under contract with a label that believes I should own something." I make. "

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