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Kellyanne Conway plays CNN George Conway notes, "I'm ashamed of you"

"It's the same stuff the whole time W what you have just quoted is said by other voices every day, but you wanted to put it in the voice of my man Because you think somehow that this will improve your ratings, or that you really limit it to Kellyanne Co "she said after the clip was aired.

The incident occurred near the end of an already controversial section where Conway and Blitzer argued over the impeachment hearing.

Blitzer then told Conway he had a "last question" for her.

"It's a tricky question and it's a political issue, it's a substantive issue," says Blizter, "I do not want to talk about your marriage, I know there are problems there." Her husband, George Conway, is a lawyer ̵

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" What did you just say? "asks Conway." No no no. Did you just say that there are problems there? You do not want to talk about my marriage, but- "

" I do not want to talk about your marriage, "Blitzer intervenes, as Conway continues," Why would you say that?

After repeating this, he says he does not want to talk about Conway's marriage, Blitzer says to Conway, "I want to talk about one important point your husband, George Conway, has addressed." He was on TV all day yesterday, on the first day of the impeachment hearings. "

" Well, before you play the clip I have not seen yet, why, and why are you doing this? "asks Conway.

" Because he's a lawyer "He really cared about the President of the United States and was on TV yesterday," Blitzer replies.

After "Where's the shame, where's the self-observation," Conway said.

George Conway, his Criticism of president has long been criticized, His wife's boss appeared on Wednesday on MSNBC to report on the first public hearings on impeachment.

During his appearance on the network, the lawyer threw the president To use the power of the presidency, "to advance his personal interest as opposed to that of the country.

He also targeted Republicans to defend the president.

"Take off this Republican hat and consider it neutral," he said. "Look at what you would have done if Donald Trump would have been a Democrat. Would you put forward these ridiculous arguments about the trial? "

In her interview with Blitzer on Thursday, Kellyanne Conway said," That's his opinion. "

I do not think MSNBC lacked anti-Trump votes." she criticized the other network's decision to persuade her husband.

"I think you were ashamed and I'm ashamed of you because this is CNN now?" She continued. "I looked up to you while I was studying and studying law, and I turned CNN on to see what Wolf Blitzer had to say about war, famine, and overseas disturbances, and I've truly respected you all these years as someone who presents you. " the news and now that's what someone's husband says.

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