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Kendra Wilkinson: I can be hurt, but I still have hope!

Kendra Wilkinson has been through the mill lately.

The 32-year-old reality TV actress divorced her husband Hank Basktt in April and has been keeping fans up to date ever since.

Kendra contacted Instagram on Monday evening with an emotional message about moving on, but it was clear that she wanted to reassure her fans that she had hope for the future.

  Kendra Wilkinson is Happy

"I'm doing the best I can in my life, with the cards I've got, and I'll continue to do that," she dressed the above picture.

"I'm hurt because the world I promised myself forever is coming to an end," she continued.

"I'm not perfect with the way I sometimes respond to my pain, but I'm getting stronger. My children, mom, dad, friends and therapists have helped."

"I'll be able to breathe soon, love will always win in my heart and never last a day without being there for the people I love, yes, yes, even with the pain I experience "she finished the post.

That was not all that Kendra shared.

  Kendra Box

She also shared the above picture to let her know that, like us all, when we go home, we start with an empty box.

That one can not deny Wilkinson hurts. Without knowing exactly what happened just before the breakup, it's difficult to know what's really going on.

What we do know is that Baskett cheated on Wilkinson in 2014, and it seems like it's hanging over their relationship like a dark cloud ever since.

Kendra has been making fun of her marital problems for some time, and we're still surprised that she and Hank have actually filed for divorce.

There were times when we considered the arguments for a sophisticated plan public eye. You have to strike while the iron is still hot when you're in demand.

  Kendra Wilkinson Brunette Pic

With Kendra and her outbursts about her relationship, there was always some doubt as she could create unnecessary drama to turn on odds for her TV reality TV show, Kendra at the top ,

There was even news earlier this year that the future of the show was uncertain, but the drama between Kendra and Hank probably saved it.

Actions speak louder than words in these situations, and Kendra, who beat social media in the days leading up to the papers, seemed to be a tactic to increase intrigue.

"Today is the last day of my marriage to this beautiful man," Wilkinson wrote last month, after teasing her friends for days.

  Kendra Wilkinson, Reflective Sunglasses

"I'll love Hank forever and be open, but right now we've decided to go our own ways."

Self-promotion is a must as a reality TV star and we are sure that the divorce drama will provide for an interesting action on stage – small screen.

Kendra can milk an action for her show from nowhere, so we can not wait to see how it all ends. Will we see the consequences of their breakup on Instagram?

We can only hope.

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