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Kenosha Teen With Gun “had to keep order” deadline

Tucker Carlson had a choice on Wednesday night. There was a Category 4 hurricane that aimed to destroy much of the Gulf Coast. There was the Republican National Convention, which used publicly owned monuments for campaign purposes. The entire NBA refused to play to protest the murder of Jacob Blake. And then there was the protests and violence in Kenosha, Wisconson, triggered by Blake’s murder. Carlson chose the latter.

During a lengthy section on the violence last night that killed two people, Carlson appeared to be blaming local officials rather than the kid with the long gun – or the parents who presumably put it in his hands.

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“At some point,” said Carlson, “the 17-year-old who is now tired of running away from the mob.” He stumbled and fell. A man ran up to him and hit him in the head with a skateboard. The 17-year-old then fired his gun. “

Carlson, while admitting that he did not know what was going on prior to this part of the conflict, said the incident “has come to its inevitable and bloody conclusion.”

“Kenosha has turned into anarchy and the city authorities have abandoned it,” said the Fox News host. “Those in charge, from the governor of Wisconsin on, refused to enforce the law. They stepped back and watched the kenosha burn. “

“So are we really surprised that this looting and arson led to the murder?” he went on. “How shocked are we that 17 year olds with guns chose to keep order when no one else would? Everyone can see what happened in Kenosha. It was getting crazier by the hour. “

Long-time Conservative Bill Kristol who replied, “How shocked are we that 51 year olds with Fox Shows decided to take the last shameful step and … justify murder?”

Journalist and Recode founder Kara Swisher also weighed in in writing, “How shocked are we that Tucker Carlson decided to maintain his fussy depravity when no one else dared give the murder a thumbs up?”

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