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Kentucky Sheriff, family tests positive for COVID-19

Sheriff Norman Chaffins said he believed his family had contracted the virus in late June while traveling to Wyoming and Montana.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Grayson County sheriff, Norman Chaffins, has confirmed that he and his family have tested positive for coronavirus.

Chaffins shared his experience of fighting the virus on Sunday in a long Facebook post.

He said he believed his family had contracted the virus after a June RV trip to Wyoming and Montana. He said that although his family had less contact with people during the trip, they did not always wear masks.

Chaffins said shortly after his trip that he had experienced a variety of symptoms, including mild fever, loss of taste and smell, and severe headache. He said as the day passed, the symptoms started to worsen.

“Since Monday, the 6th [of July]I haven̵

7;t slept more than two hours a day. What is really strange is that I started hallucinating on Friday by seeing horrible pictures on my ceiling in my bedroom. I couldn’t sleep long enough to have a nightmare. “

Chaffins said his wife and son had mild symptoms. However, he said that his son had visited a friend and was picked up immediately after a cough. Chaffins said the family was notified.

The family was tested last Monday and received its positive results on Wednesday.

Chaffins uses his experience as a warning story for those who don’t wear masks in public places.

“I’m paying the price now. One thing worse than fighting the virus is fighting the severity of the strain we could have inflicted on someone else. “

He said he would make no further comments until his family recovered.

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