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Arnold Schwarzenegger gets a flying kick in South Africa

Arnold Schwarzenegger of South Africa
Arnold Schwarzenegger of South Africa

California actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked on Saturday in a public appearance in South Africa, but the 71-year-old quickly recovered and said: "I'm just glad the idiot did not break my snapchat." Johannesburg, when a man makes a flying kick in his back. Schwarzenegger stumbles forward. The man is quickly packed by security guards. From the camera, a man repeatedly calls "Help me!".

The video shows shortly after how Schwarzenegger smiles for safety and shakes hands with the audience.

Schwarzenegger later posted on Twitter, reassuring his fans that he was fine and seemed unimpressed by the incident.

Schwarzenegger also tweeted a second video of the incident "without what he screamed so" is not in the limelight. "[By the way …"]he joked, so he would not get into the limelight.

By the way … block or accuse? pic.twitter.com/TEmFRCZPEA

– Arnold May 18, 2019

Schwarzenegger had participated in his Arnold Classic Africa event, which included dozens of Sports were shown and fitness activities. In a separate Twitter post, the event blamed a "crazy fan" for the attack.

According to organizer Wayne Price, the attacker was "known to the police for staging similar incidents in the past," and Schwarzenegger said: Fine and still in a good mood.

The actor confirmed that he has no intention of bringing charges and will continue on Sunday as planned with another appearance.

He urged his fans to focus on the sport An event where thousands of talented athletes and not the culprit were in search of fame.

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