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Dell, Microsoft, VMware and others are participating in the 5G Open Innovation Lab

SEATTLE ?? The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5GOILab), a global ecosystem of developers, corporations and government institutions, announced today that Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), Dell Technologies, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and VMware (NYSE: VMW) have joined Lab as a founding partner who provide technical and technological resources for the diverse start-up ecosystem of the Lab. Founding partners Intel, NASA, and T-Mobile, who launched the lab in May, welcomed the new members who will expand lab attendees’ access to leading network, software, and hardware platforms and create direct customer relationships that support the Market accelerate adoption.

“We’re working harder than ever to build a transformative 5G network for everyone, but we need to build something bigger ̵

1; an ecosystem that creates economic value beyond traditional telecommunications,” said Neville Ray, president of technology at T- Mobile. “These new founding partners will help us and expand the development pipeline for 5G solutions in all industries.”

The laboratory selects 15 to 20 early and late-stage companies to participate in the program twice a year. These companies represent 5G infrastructure and 5G-enabled technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and IoT in various markets, including agritech, manufacturing, entertainment, transportation and energy. Founding members have insight into these new solutions and can choose which companies they want to work with to accelerate their solutions and develop real-world proof-of-concepts. Founding partners provide entrepreneurs and their companies with engineering, technology, mentoring and industry resources to support them in developing, testing and commercializing new use cases.

According to Gartner, the global 5G services market is projected to reach $ 41.48 billion by 2020 and grow at a CAGR of 43.9% from 2021 to 2027. “The lab is an opportunity for us to see what’s possible,” said Jim Brisimitzis, General Partner of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. “Our partners are critical to realizing these opportunities and removing the market frictions that can normally hinder the progress and slowdown of innovation. As business and technology leaders, our partners are simply market makers and the laboratory is a testing ground for collaboration and invention. “”

Amdocs, a leader in software and services for the world’s leading communications and media companies, joins the lab focusing on helping service providers catch the wave of 5G advances in the cloud, edge computing, IoT and new customer experiences to accelerate. Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President, Media, Network and Technology at Amdocs, said, “We believe that 5G will support the next generation of customer experiences, from innovative consumer applications to complex corporate partnerships built on a long-tail partner ecosystem. We’re excited to be part of this new venture in accelerating creative collaboration among 5G executives, working together to bring seamless experiences to life while exploring various industry applications of 5G, including autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, and immersive mobile VR and AR. ”

As a technology company in the data age, Dell Technologies is focused on enabling our customers to create solutions that drive human progress. In support of this vision, Dell Technologies enables telecommunications companies to expand their capabilities and deliver new business services beyond today’s connectivity that will trigger vast industry innovation and new revenue streams. Dell Technologies is committed to creating an open and modern platform that leverages the latest 5G technologies to help businesses cut costs, improve flexibility, and improve the overall end customer experience.

“Dell Technologies sees 5G as an important driver for digital transformation and can facilitate the mobile connection between people, things, systems and companies, which leads to a new and exciting era,” said David Trigg, vice president for ecosystems at Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business. “We firmly believe that the telecommunications industry must come together as an ecosystem in order to offer more choice in the provision and operation of global communications networks while reducing complexity and costs. As a founding member, we see the 5G Open Innovation Lab as an important component of the Achieving these goals for the benefit of the telecommunications industry and the customers it serves worldwide. ”

Through the convergence of cloud and communication networks, Microsoft is providing companies worldwide with the hyperscale cloud infrastructure to move into a future that unlocks the full potential of 5G: the simplification and enrichment of people’s personal and professional lives. Microsoft will serve as the founding partner of the 5G Open Innovation Lab’s public cloud and will play a key role in supporting the lab’s work to accelerate business start-ups and introduce new innovations. The lab will create long-term, sustainable developer and commercial ecosystems that will accelerate the delivery of exciting new features on the fringes, including pervasive IoT intelligence and immersive mixed reality.

“We believe that streamlined, cloud-native software plays an important role in advancing 5G and creating new features, new markets and new opportunities for businesses and societies,” said Leen Kashyap, director, 5G Strategy and Ecosystems, Microsoft. “It’s a collaborative effort like this where founders, members and participants with unique strengths work together to advance this important technology.”

VMware is helping communications service providers meet the growing demand for innovative 5G services by delivering a Telco Cloud platform that can efficiently create, monetize, and deliver a range of new applications and services to the consumer and enterprise segments. Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Telco and Edge Cloud Business Unit at VMware, said: “We are excited to join the 5G Open Innovation Lab as a founding partner to nurture this global ecosystem of developers, startups and other companies and support. Businesses, colleges and governments focused on bringing the benefits of 5G to all. ”

The lab announced last week that it has selected 16 companies to join the second cohort to participate in its 12-week program. The laboratory has no equity position in any of its member companies.


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