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Did Julia Louis-Dreyfus really make a career playing idiots?

Louis Dreyfus
returned to the Emmys after a year of inadmissibility, and she
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Summer. As of today, the talk about Louis-Dreyfus & # 39;
Chances to take home another trophy for her inspired depiction of Selina
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Home the price at the end, but even before the winner was announced, Louis-Dreyfus
It seems unimpressed to write Emmy's story, but she has some thoughts on her
Career so far lately. In a moment of unrestrained honesty, she
noted that she had spent her entire career "being as adorable as possible".
Louis-Dreyfus & # 39; s acting skills should never be compromised.
but she's right. Her most iconic characters were pretty big idiots.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & # 39; famous character in Seinfeld was friendly
of a jerk

If you think of Seinfeld you are probably thinking of Kramer's Hijinx, Georges self-esteem problem, or Jerry's "golden boy" persona. What people often forget is that every character was flawed by nature and was pretty mean most of the time.

The isolated group consisting of three men and one woman spent
Spending her time in New York City meeting with her and failing with everyone
to meet someone they considered "datable". Louis-Dreyfus & # 39; figure of Elaine
was absolutely adorable. She was funny, snappy and a bit quirky. In each
However, Elaine was not the most helpful person in the world.

From her poor treatment of David Puddy, a friend who keeps getting out of hand, to her seething grudges about Görge's impending marriage, to her contempt for certain employees, Elaine was not a good person by nature, but she was still sympathetic.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & # 39; s current character role is also tricky.

Louis-Dreyfus & # 39; Representation of an assignable idiot was not a single scenario. The part that earned her the most Emmy trophies falls into the same category. The character of Selina Meyer in Veep is sympathetic on many levels, but a friendly person she is not at most most of the time. Variety described the role as "bad-mouthed". Several other reviewers and fans seem to agree that much of the ease in Veep is due to Selina Meyer's propensity to seizure.

Louis-Dreyfus' depiction of Selina works, but only because of the strange timing of Louis-Dreyfus. She has a special talent for delivering devastating one-liners without being too offensive. Buzzfeed states that the character often says everything normal people think but is too scared to say it out loud. Have you ever wanted to ask someone to put on their running shoes and get to the point?

How many Emmys did Julia Louis-Dreyfus win the most for her two?
famous roles?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus may not have won Emmy's lead
Actress category this year, but she is still a prolific trophy winner. she is
Take home six trophies in the outstanding leading actress in a comedy series
Category for their work on Veep.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

  Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Louis-Dreyfus | Photo by Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Before taking on the role of Selina Meyer, she won an Emmy Award for her work on The New Adventures of Old Christine . She was nominated four more times for her work on the show. Previously, she won her very first Emmy for her portrayal of Elaine on Seinfeld. In 1996 she won the award for the outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series. For the same role, she was nominated six times in the category.

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