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End of the road for most wanted one

In November of 2008, Lorreta Wavinya and Lilian Nzongi were arrested for masterminding a scheme that cost more than $ 15 million (Sh1.5 billion).

The two sisters were charged together with 15 others. In total, they claimed more than 540 fraudulent tax returns using identities of more than 500 victims and at least 27 states.

Most of this money ends up in banks in Kenya and is being withdrawn at ATMs in Nairobi after being bounced to accounts across the world.

But for over 12 years, Mr. Edwin Sila Nyumu walked free in Kenya as his nine suspected co-conspirators in the fraudulent scheme their sentences in American federal prisons. This is despite being listed in 201

3 among Interpol's most wanted people. [Tuesday, March 24, 2009] [Ninhua] arrested in Athi River, Machakos County, by Kenyan detectives seconded to Interpol.

Police, however, said they were interrogated in the USA for alleged fraud offenses. Nolobi Interpol has contacted the US National Central Bureau Interpol on forward extradition documents against Mr Nyumu.

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