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Hit and run police arrested for killing pedestrian

Mwangi wa Police Motor Vehicle attached to the Mokowe Police Station before the driver fled.

Mr. Mwangi died as he received Treatment at the King Fahad County Hospital. The residents and boda operators accuse the driver of reckless driving.

"How can a police vehicle hit a civilian and flee? We expected the driver to stop and even assist in rushing the victim to hospital. That would have saved the life of our colleague but he sped off, leaving the victim lying on the road. We need action taken against the officer, said Mr. John Mbugua, a boda boda operator at Hindi.

Haki Africa Coordinator, Lamu Branch, Issack Yunus, told nation that he will ensure justice is done.


"This is double tragedy to the family of Mr. Mwangi who lost his wife in a road accident about a year ago.

Lamu County Police Commander Muchangi Kioi has confirmed that he has been arrested.

Mr Kioi said: "It's a normal accident and called on people to stop." spreading malicious rumors.

"Some people are saying the driver was drunk. Others say he was new on the road. The driver is an experienced old man.

We treat it as an accident involving our police vehicle.

We've already arrested him and he's going to be arrested on Monday to be charged with murder and careless driving, "said Mr Kioi.

He warned drivers to be careful on the Lamu-Garsen road which is under construction.

"We want this incident involving one of our own to serve as an example to others. We do not encourage drivers to hit pedestrians and just like that.

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