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I only have five suits, two belts, one wallet – Manu Chandaria

Manu Chandaria with Betty Kyallo [Photo: Courtesy]

The fact that Manu Chandaria lives a simple life despite the leadership of a billion-dollar company surprises many again and again. Business magnate on Friday, June 14, during an interview with K24's Betty Kyallo led Kenyans into his home and gave a rare glimpse into his humble life.

The philanthropist, who revealed in an earlier interview that he had borrowed the simplicity of Mahatma Gandhi, recounted that he woke up at 6 am and turned on his home system.

"I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning. It takes me five to ten minutes to open everything, "said Chandaria.

After reviewing his mail, paperwork and work plan (carefully planned and divided into three separate folders), Chandaria takes his breakfast.

That's it brought to his study by the staff.

"This is all fruit and juice, there is no tea, no bread and no sausages?" Quipped a surprised Kyallo.

Chandaria's Breakfast [Photo: Courtesy]

"For the last two years (if I remember rightly) it was only two fruits and one date." After everything is done, I take my meds and in between there's coffee in the office, "he replied.

After a simple Back exercise to stretch his back muscle with the help of a coworker, so he does not fall over, he goes to his wardrobe, in which he has known only five pairs of suits.

"I choose what I wear I want to be today. That's all I have (points to the suits in the closet). I will wear this today (choose one) because I want to go to the British High Commission. I keep four to six additional shirts. "He added.

Chandaria's Wardrobe [Photo: Courtesy]

The mogul noticed that he has only one wallet and two belts.

After getting ready, he drives down a specially constructed elevator and goes to work. [2019] In 2018, he revealed that his life was a lesson for giving and extending Mother Teresa's representation and practice Principles, who was a frequent guest in her house before her death in 1997.

"My wardrobe has five suits, one comes in, one goes out, I give it out, it's a lesson about giving, I have learned it from Gandhi I followed Gandhi when I was at university I accepted everything he told us He led a very simple life …

"Mother Teresa was a friend of ours He taught us a lot about prayer, "he said," Giving is easy, if you want to give, it's easy to give when you feel the pain of others, "Chandaria told Jeff Koinange.

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