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Moi warns politicians who campaign for 2022

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi during a recent event [Source/Facebook/Gideon Moi].

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has beaten politicians who started the succession policy in early 2022.


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When Moi spoke to Turbo in Uasin Gishu County on Saturday, he said it was not time for politics, but for development.

"It is sad that some politicians have already started the first campaigns, for God's sake it's only been two years since Kenyans went to the polls, and Kenyans can not always be in a picky mood," said the CAN. chairman.

He affirmed that politicians were not elected to make politics, but to work for the electorate by improving their lives. [1

9659004] "Focusing on development, we will cross the bridge by 2022 when we get there, as Kenya can not drink or eat politics, and the Kenyans will decide who their president will be," the Senator added from Baringo.




However, he urged politicians to unite to ensure that they will live in a country their offspring will be proud of after the end of their term, and reassure Kenyans that they are making peace regardless of their tribal or political affiliation I'll ffiliations.

Politicians, allied with Vice President William Ruto, are traveling across the country to promote his (Ruto) 2022 presidential bid.

Gideon Moi has not publicly announced his interest in the presidency in 2022, but his steps show that he is interested in leadership.

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