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MP Rashid Amin accused of attacking Fatuma Gedi


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Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim Amin was accused on Friday of assaulting Wajir representative Fatuma Gedi.

Mr. Amin denied the charge Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi was released on bail of 50,000 Sh.

His lawyers told the court that he had mental complications on Thursday night and was admitted to Agha Khan Hospital.

On, Mr. Rashid was arrested Thursday evening after being questioned for two hours about the incident that Mrs. Gedi said he had taken place in the parking lot earlier in the day.

Ms. Gedi said that Mr. Amin had approached her when she went to a committee meeting in the Protection House in front of the Parliament building.

The representative of Homa Bay Woman, who was with her, said she stepped aside to allow them to speak.

"I stepped aside and gave them a seat as they began to speak in their local dialect, but within minutes I saw Mr. Amin beat my colleague and make her cry and bleed." Ms. Wanga said.

"I could not believe that a male colleague could attack his colleague."

According to reports, Mr. Amin accused the deputy, who is a member of the Budget and Central Committee, of not allocating funds

It was said that Wajir West MP Ahmed Kolosh detained him after he attacked Ms. Gedi.

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