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Mudavadi urges MPs to stop their greed for overnight money »Capital News

Musalia Mudavadi (pictured) said that legislators no longer serve the interests of those who elected them because they are only interested in themselves self-enriching, despite the country's difficulties-economic times / COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 1

6 – The leader of the Amani National Congress (ANC), Musalia Mudavadi, has joined the Kenyan MPs to reward each other benefits after reports that they want night money.

Mudavadi said that legislators no longer served the interests of the people who elected them because they were only interested in enriching themselves, despite the difficult economic times in which the country is located. [19659005] "We are disturbed and many people are angry," he said Sunday at the Nairobi service, "it is very dangerous for the country and this kind of greed is not healthy. You are giving the wrong example, and this example has now crept into the County Assemblies.

The ANC leader described MEPs' appetite for more perks than "shame."

"The elected leaders continue to devote substantial benefits When ordinary Kenyans struggle to meet basic needs such as nutrition and health care, it must be over. "It is time that Parliament respects the independence of existing institutions such as the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) mandate to review the salaries of civil servants and civil servants.

"Where does this Parliament live? Because we know that there is a high level of unemployment, we know very well that Kenya is suffering from high levels of public debt, that our universities are underfunded, and that our hospitals are not given medicines to serve the people, but Parliament decides to tackle those problems Not to Address, but to Discuss Concerning the allowances they can receive, they harm the Kenyan people, "he said, accusing MPs of undermining constitutionally mandated posts to review salaries.

Searching allows each member between 18,200 and 24,000 Sh per night, which means lawmakers can claim up to 96,000 Sh per week and up to 384,000 Sh per month for night money only.

MEPs call for night money to come before the dust settles on their move to grant themselves Sh250,000 monthly home allowance, sparking outrage among Kenyans.

Lawmakers reset the allowances to 10 months However, ssion described the move as illegal and called for the members to return the money.

However, MEPs defended the number of allowances they were pursuing and said they were necessary to serve people efficiently.

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