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The Baringo Master graduate turns to the Boda Boda business

Mr. Hilary Kiplagat is no ordinary Boda Boda driver.

Riding his motorcycle in the dusty Torongo Trade Center in the Eldama Gorge in Baringo County, he provokes hope and desperation among unemployed youth.

The 32-year-old holds a master's degree. He also holds a first-grade Bachelor of Commerce in Procurement and Procurement Management from Nairobi University.

Not many pay much attention to the young driver who has received a scholarship for a Master of Business Administration in Procurement and Procurement Management from the University of Nairobi.

He wrote a dissertation on care management practices and services at public Kenyan universities.

Mr. Kiplagat, who now earns his living, which was not his dream career, has proven his championship in motorcycling and has not lost the hope for a better future.

"I plan to continue my Boda Boda business until a compassionate Samaritan comes to my aid," Kiplagat said.

Although he has high hopes for a salaried job, he does not give up on Boda Boda.

"I believe God is working mysteriously ways and he will one day determine the right path I will take," he said on 21

September 2019 in his village in Nerkwo to be stressful at Nation sometimes. I often get ridiculed in social media forums when the topic of unemployment comes up, "he says.

"Some of my hired friends and alumni at the University of Nairobi wonder again and again why, despite my good academic background, I got stuck in this job," said Kiplagat.

He says the concerns of his friends are sincere and irritating at the same time.

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