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The census is carried out the whole Sunday


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The government has announced that the census will be carried out throughout the country throughout Sunday night to give more Kenyans the opportunity to be counted become. [19659005] When government spokesman Cyrus Oguna issued an update to the exercise on Sunday night, he said the decision to conduct the exercise throughout the night had been taken after he realized that many more Kenyans had to be counted.

He said sophisticated security measures have been put in place to ensure that the exercise is carried out smoothly.

"To give many households the opportunity to be listed, I would like to point out that the process is being conducted today (Sunday) all night until 6 in the morning," said Oguna.

Meanwhile, Marsabit's death toll has risen to 1

2 on Sunday morning, police spokesman Charles Owino said In isolated areas, eight locals were severely injured and more than 1,500 livestock were stolen by alleged Ethiopian Borana cattle.

An Ethiopian militia officer was also killed during the incident on early Sunday morning.

The injured are treated in the Forole pharmacy. [19659006] Mr. Owino urged the locals to remain calm as the government works to curb the situation. He assured them that the census would be uninterrupted throughout Sunday night.

"All revenge attacks are discouraged and local politicians are urged not to make inflammatory statements," Owino said.

He added that the government had a team consisting of regular police officers, including the National Police Force, the anti-stick theft unit, the Rapid Deployment Unit and the Border Patrol Unit, posted to the area to track the criminals and prevent further attacks.

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