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Two Kiambu CECs lose official cars, Nyoro claims


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To stamp his authority in the executive branch, Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro has withdrawn official vehicles assigned to two senior officials who had allied themselves to governor Ferdinand Waititu.

It is the executive for roads, transport, public works and energy, Juliet Kimemia, and her counterpart for finance and planning, Kigo Njenga.

Nyoro Sunday, told the nation ] that he authorized the withdrawal of the vehicles and reassigned their drivers because the two "made politics rather than develop" and used the County vehicles for private purposes.

He said they had been planted by Mr. Waititu in the Cabinet for sabotage.

Both Mr. Njenga and Mrs. Kimemia confirmed that their company cars were being withdrawn.


"My company car was withdrawn this morning (Friday). (Mr) Nyoro tries to humiliate me because he sees me as a political threat and thinks I will fight for the seat of the governor in 2022. What he does is illegal, "Mr Njenga said last by phone over nation week.

Mr Njenga lost his parliamentary seat to Ms Wanjiku Kibeh in the 201

7 parliamentary elections.

He tried to save his political career by starting a relationship with Mr. Waititu, who offered him the district job. [2959005] Ms. Kimemia also vied for the Senate seat of Kiambu and lost.

On Friday, Youth Commissioner Karungo wa Thang & # 39; wa tried to comfort his colleagues with a tweet.

"I have offered to divide my official vehicle after his official round vehicle with my colleague CEC for Finance Kigo Njenga was withdrawn under unclear circumstances. We are determined to serve our people according to our mandate and love for our homeland. "

Mr. Thang & # 39; wa has always claimed that he does not recognize Mr. Nyoro as acting governor and said he has no authority to hire or fire.

"Such powers are reserved only to the governor. (Mr) Nyoro is just a Deputy Ceremonial Governor, "he told Nation. [Noun] 1965 Last Friday, Mr Nyoro brought Mr Njoro's Treasury Department notice No. 8903 and replaced it with Mr Wilson Mburu Kang. ethe.

Even as this happened, a Kiambu voter in court challenged Mr. Nyoro's decision to remove Mr. Njenga from his current file.

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