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Uber launches safety toolkit for drivers and drivers in Kenya

Sachin Kansal, Uber's Global Head of Safety Product, Addresses Driver "I'm here to listen to you on your safety experiences so I know what my team and I can do for your safety." Photo: Uber [1
9659002] This week, Uber announced the new Safety Toolkit, which will be delivered in the next few weeks to the millions of drivers, drivers and delivery partners using the app across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The toolkit will introduce new innovative features designed to increase security and increase transparency, accountability and security for all users.

Since launching the app, Uber has provided millions of people with technology that enables them to drive at the push of a button, track any journey with GPS technology and report problems around the clock with a dedicated security team. With the introduction of new security features, the company aims to double security and help make the Uber community more secure.

Features introduced as part of the new driver and driver safety system include:

  • Emergency button – With a push of a button in the app, drivers, drivers and supply partners can interact with private rescue services and security measures as needed connect through a private security provider
  • Trusted Contacts – Riders can now simply designate five friends or family members as "trusted contacts" and share with a single tip their travel information, easily customizable in their Travel Preferences preferences.
  • Safety Center – A new security app that houses information hub where users can find information about some of the most important security tools available in the app, including our 24/7 team, information about the driver and the car, GPS Tracking and our Feedback and Feedback
  • Speed ​​Warnings – A feature that reminds drivers and suppliers to maintain a safe speed within the specified speed limits.

These new security features will be phased in, not all drivers, drivers and delivery partners will have immediate access to the features.

  Kenya Trusted Contacts About
Kenya Trusted Contacts. Image: Uber

"With more than 15 million trips a day in the Uber App, there is nothing more important than the safety of drivers, drivers and couriers." Last year, we worked on developing innovative products, transparency, accountability and Safety for All Users Introducing our new Safety Toolkit capabilities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa is the next step in ensuring we help everyone stay safe and connected wherever they are ", said Sachin Kansal, Uber's Global Head of Safety Product.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has given safety the highest priority in 2018. Since joining the company, he has introduced a number of changes, including driver, supplier and driver accident coverage, driver hour limits and driver clearance.


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