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Why DPP meets foreign ambassadors in Kenya: The Standard

DPP Noordin Haji at a past event.

The Prosecutor Noordin Haji's Director is on a mission and asks foreign countries to stop the Kenyan accused of corruption from traveling there.

Haji held consultation meetings with ambassadors from various Western countries to discuss areas of cooperation and cooperation.
Officials from the meeting said the DPP had asked the ambassadors to help Kenya get back money believed to be stolen and stashed in their countries.
He also called on officials to find ways to prevent those affected by corruption from traveling abroad.

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"DPP wants to share a list of people accused of corruption to prevent them from traveling to these countries," Haji said after meeting with some of the ambassadors.
The ODPP's office has apparently compiled a list of suspected thieves that can be shared with other countries.
He met eleven envoys in Nairobi last Tuesday before leaving for official service in Italy.
"They will not feel well until they bring back what they stole. Thieves: If you thought you were spending the money in foreign jurisdiction, "said another officer who knew the plans.
The DPP and his team have also visited several countries that are probably dirty money. He and Kinoti came to Dubai on a similar mission on Monday.

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Another official said some countries like the United Kingdom cooperate well and have frozen money, which was probably stolen on the accounts of some government officials.
The DPP, along with DCI's George Kinoti and Twalib Mbarak, CEO of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, met Italian Ambassador to Kenya, Alberto Pieria, to discuss the fight against transplants and related crimes.
"Discussions focused on possible cooperation between Italy, EACC, DCI and ODPP in capacity-building, mutual legal assistance and anti-corruption investigations," Mbarak said.
The teams have visited different countries to promote cooperation and cooperation in the fight against corruption.
The countries include the United Kingdom and the United States, which have apparently committed to help in the war on transplantation.

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Twalib is scheduled to meet Kenyan High Commissioner Nic Hailey on Wednesday and US envoy Kenya's Kyle McCaster on Friday.
This is part of the planned meetings to seek cooperation from the countries where allegedly stolen money is kept.
"The noose pulls together and some guys and their deputies do not feel well at all. If they help us with our plans, we will get back more money here. "
It is not the first time that these countries are threatening the suspect with a ban on visiting. But the most recent step of the DPP seems to be a step forward to make that happen.

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