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Kerr accuses umpires of Scotland's exit from the World Cup

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2019, 8:14 am

Scottish coach Shelley Kerr claimed the refereeing decisions were against her side after being three points clear of a 3-3 draw with Argentina and to leave the World Cup.

Kerr's side were on the right track for the win they needed in their final group match as Kim Little, Jennifer Beattie and Erin Cuthbert scored 3-0.

Qualification Because the knockout phase was within reach of Scotland as one of the best third place finishers.

However, Argentina struck with goals from substitutes Milagros Menendez and Florencia Bonsegundo, who scored another penalty after their first penalty in added time to send the Scots home in the most gruesome of circumstances.

"It's pretty hard at the moment," Kerr said after a post-game press conference. "Obviously we were 3-0 and looked pretty comfortable. Her first goal changed the entire skin color.

"For 70 minutes we were very good and did not manage to finish the game but at that moment we feel very hard.

"It's very difficult to comment, but I think there were some decisions that did not go in our direction.

"This is a World Cup, and you need the officials to make the right calls, and I think there was some that went against us.

"It is bitterly disappointing. But to say that we should still be able to make the game. We will not eliminate this fact, but it is a bitter disappointment. "

Kerr felt that Scotland needed a free kick in the run-up to Argentina's first goal and disagreed with the small time needed before the final whistle.

In a tormenting final, the video assistant referee decided that Scottish goalkeeper Lee Alexander had both feet removed from the goal line to rescue Bonsegundo's initial penalty.

"My feelings ̵

1; I have to spend a bit of time with the players. We are all devastated.

"We put so much into this game. Unfortunately we conceded three goals. At the moment it is very difficult. It is still very raw. We have to pick up the players because we put everything into this game. "

Argentina coach Carlos Borrello believes his young team is improving, but mixed feelings about their performance against the Scots.

"There is light at the end of the tunnel," Borrello was quoted on FIFA's official website. "We played a different kind of game in the first two games. We have strong players.

"It's a shame that some of them are still very young, so we have a fresh crew and maybe we need that."

"It's bittersweet, because in the first half it only gave that target and then everything has changed.

"But that's football. I am very happy with what the girls gave and how everything developed. We still have a lot to do, but things seem to be positive. "








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