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Kershaw Celebrates No-Hitter Anniversary with 7 Shutout Frames – Dodgers Digest

Logically, a Dodgers fan in 201

9 should have a lot of self-confidence when facing the competing Giants, as a club is a multi-year World Series contender and a club unintentionally refueling. However, the game is always tight and the Dodgers played only 500 against the Giants tonight. Fortunately, they now lie in a game over 500 in the rivalry, as they landed on a stellar Clayton Kershaw to a 9-0 aggregate victory.

On the anniversary of his miss, Kershaw brought the results of the setback, though he continued to do otherwise. He only allowed three runners to reach the second base, and came in the 2nd, 3rd and 7th inning, the latter terribly thwarting just because of Alex Verdugo's mid-liner mishap.

Kershaw threw 100 pitches at night, going out seven innings. He only gave up two singles, two walks and the already mentioned "double" that Verdugo had just misunderstood. On the way to lowering his ERA to 2.85, he scored six goals.

The offense required three fights to revive today's engines. Joc Pederson started with a left turn, his 19th of the season.

Alex Verdugo then set up a single in the middle and Justin Turner overlaid him with a double the line in left to make it 2-0. Somehow the rally died after that, however.

While the bats continue to strand runners, they scored at least tonight a few hits. On the 6th, this trend continued as Max Muncy Walk and Matt Beaty made single-run runners at the corners for Chris Taylor for one Single colorful it became 3-0. But here the rally died.

After a long wait, the Dodgers finally took advantage of the chances to score and started the game with a six-run inning. Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger cornered the runners, and David Freese hit a run-in by hitting third place from Evan Longoria to the 4: 0.

Any insurance was welcome at this time, but it was still ongoing, as Chris Taylor and also Austin Barnes in another drive to it To make 5-0. Kyle Garlick followed with a walk to load the bases, and Enrique Hernandez promptly unloaded them with a double pass to the left for a 9-0 grand slam. [19659002]

Yes, everyone made the same joke.

No lie.

Dylan Floro relieved to start. 2: 3 inning in the 8th by sweeping the page.

Sure enough, Joe Kelly stepped in to close the case and tried to get back on track. He started with a push that triggered a cause that should have been a double, sparked a strikeout, allowed a single, and eventually scored a goalless frame from a comebacker.

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The Dodgers are up 49-25 over the previous year, a mere 107 victories. They have 10 games ahead of the Rockies in NL West, 6 games in front of the Braves in NL and are connected to the Twins in the MLB.

The two teams will do this tomorrow at ESPN at 4:00 PM HST / 7: 00 PM PST / 10: 00 PM EST with Rich Hill (LHP / 2.60 ERA / 4, 24 FIP / 3.30 DRA) ago Drew Pomeranz (LHP / 6.43 ERA / 5.59 FIP / 7.03 DRA), which looks like a gigantic mismatch, but the Dodgers were obsessed by him last time.

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