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Kevin Durant ejection story: KD only tracks Sheed for throws in one season

Kevin Durant took his fifth spurt of the season during the Thursday night loss of the Warriors to the Bucks after cursing an official for failing to commit a foul on his Drive to the Rim. How awful was what Durant told the umpire? Try to hear for yourself.

Durant's fifth knockout heads the league and is two more than both Serge Ibaka and Draymond Green. It is also the third largest Dodge in a single season in the past 25 years, behind Rasheed Wallace, who has been ejected twice in his career seven times in a season, according to ESPN Stats & Info . (Yeah, Sheed was a real one.)

The Warriors also hit the NBA with 1

0 casks this season

Durant had only been knocked out twice in the 10 seasons so far, so there has to be some sort of change this summer Made sense that he went to referees like this. We do not know if he deserves to be ejected every five times.

We have put together all KD's throws for the season. You are the judge.

October 21, 2017: Both Durant and Stephen Curry Fight Against Memphis

Curry was first thrown against the Grizzlies after he dropped his mouthpiece on an official. (He threw it!) Durant came to Curry's defense shortly afterwards and was thrown out with him. On the way out, he reminded Grizzlies fans that he's an NBA champion … or maybe he turned someone off. We will never know.

December 1, 2017: Durant launched against magic

Durant hit a one-tech ejection against Magic in early December after beating a no-call – a game he scored. He had some electoral words for the official on his way out of court.

Dec. 5, 2017: Durant and DeMarcus cousins ​​both ejected

And to be honest, Boogie does not deserve to miss this one! Durant talked everything, and finally the refs had enough. Then, as you will see, Boogie snapped. I do not think that KD wanted any real problems with cousins ​​here, but we'll never know!

Both guys had to deal with this game with ejection. They had been dodging all night long.

January 23, 2018: Durant is thrown against Knicks

Durant caught his second technical foul late in a blowout victory over the Knicks after a referee did not call a foul when he drove to the edge.

After the game, he criticized the referee and said "he was looking for me."

"Look at my first technique," he said after the game. "I got the rebound and I drilled the ball hard and he checked me out, he was looking for me, he was trying to train me to get me back because he's still in his first half feelings A lot of it, I had to keep a small head, but I was upset, I'm a human too, I'm upset. "

Durant later apologized for these comments.

29th March 2018: Durant tries to curse the umpire

Durant drives through Giannis Antetokounmpo and attacks the edge, only to land on his tuchus begging for a foul. And then things went left.

He gets up from his ass and fires at the baseline officials with a barrage of swear words that would make your grandmother cry. The officer immediately gives Durant a double-tech and throws him out of the game.

Here's a common denominator

Let's go through Durant's references. He is a:

  • NBA Champion
  • NBA Final MVP
  • 2014 NBA MVP
  • Nine-time NBA All-Star
  • Four-time top scorer
  • Two-time Olympic champion

The list goes on. Durant is a superstar and he deserves at least some bad shouts that the average basketball player does not get. He has not gotten many of these calls this season, and he's putting it out to referees with his words.

Three of Durant's five casks at this season came from no-calls to hitting opportunities, and some of his 14 technical fouls came from the same source. The man gets angry if the referees do not give him the whistle. If you were decorated like an NBA player like Durant, you probably would be upset too.

Tensions between NBA players and officials are at an all-time high this season, and Durant's dual tech and ejection against the Bucks adds fuel to the fire. The Warriors – when they are healthy – are ready for a deep playoff run that will almost certainly lead to fireworks against some opponents. But after the rate at which they get technical fouls, we could soon see more fireworks between the dubs and refs.

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