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Kevin Love's injury could be a concussion that would be terrible for the Cavs

Kevin Love ended the Cavaliers' terrible 19-point defeat to Heat in the second quarter after accidentally slapping his elbow in the face as he tried to grab a charge. Cleveland news now awaits if her star striker could have suffered a concussion.

Love tried to attack the big Miami star Jordan Mickey in the early part of the first quarter, but he was ripped into the mouth by Mickey's elbow. The impact released Love's front tooth. He left the game and never returned.

The Cavaliers later announced that they would stop in the second half after showing signs of concussion. They will reassess him Wednesday morning to see if he needs to join the NBA concussion protocol.

According to the NBA Summary Concussion, a player who is diagnosed with a concussion can not return to any kind of basketball activity that day or the day after tomorrow , He then has to meet a number of requirements, including free of concussion symptoms during rest, a doctor's examination to complete the league's strict Return to Participation Exemption Protocol, and then be signed by the director of the NBA Concussion Program.

It is a necessary series of steps to ensure that a player is free from concussion symptoms.

But for the Cavaliers this is a terrible timing

The Cavs have literally rescued Kevin Love from a broken finger a few games ago, and they need him and his production when they try terrible first two-thirds of the season come back. Cleveland is on an outrageous rank # 3 seed in the East with a real shot at Philadelphia for fourth place.

Welcoming Love – a go double double and inside-out-goal driving – should help offset some of Cleveland's bouts. But if it turns out that he actually has a concussion, they could lose him for a few more games, and the Cavaliers can not afford to lose anymore.

At this point, we have no idea how severe the violation of Love is. All we know is that his front tooth has been moved and that at half-time he has been showing brain-shaking symptoms. Love has been concussioned in the past, and once you have a concussion, you are more susceptible to future harm.

For him and Cleveland this is hopefully not the case.

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