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Kevin Spacey prosecutor dies in the middle of a lawsuit for sexual assault

The masseur was allowed to proceed anonymously in this case. About the circumstances of death are still no data.

An anonymous massage therapist claiming to have been sexually abused by Kevin Spacey died, according to a lawyer's lawyer's ad.

The person sued as "John Doe" filed a claim in September 2018 alleging that he had to resort twice to the actor's genitals during a massage two years earlier in a private home in Malibu. In May, a federal judge in California made the case move forward, even though Spacey objected to the plaintiff's identity.

Now, just one month after the parties announced a plan to continue the lawsuit related to this detailed prospective discovery and in the face of a seven- to eleven-day trial, plaintiff Spacey's lawyer has informed that the client has "recently passed away" ,

No further details are given and a request to the applicant's lawyer for further information was not answered. [1

9659003] Spacey recently came out of a different legal situation when charges were brought against him in Nantucket, Massachusetts. In this case, Spacey did not plead guilty to committing an indecent assault, and the prosecutor withdrew the charge after the prosecutor – a young busboy – had ceased his cooperation.

The lawsuit "John Doe" later became the most significant legal situation for Spacey, which was accused of sexually abusive behavior against several people iduals. In that case, as stated in the joint report submitted in August, the applicant 's lawyers have represented in court two Spacey alleged mass europeans who have expressed "concern for their safety and / or do not want their names included in the Media are made public ".

The lawsuit could be continued by the heirs of "John Doe," although the question of anonymity constitutes an aggravating crease. To show that they can sue, the heirs would likely have to identify the deceased prosecutor after receiving the go-ahead to administer his assets to the probate court. A judge may also be less inclined to protect the privacy of the deceased. Even if the case progresses, the loss of the main witness of the alleged sexual assault would complicate the litigation.

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