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Khloe Kardashian's Furious Family at Tristan Thompson: How Kris Jenner Preserves Peace

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What should be the happiest day of Khloe Kardashian 's life ̵

1; her daughter's birth, True Thompson – was defaced by a scandal. Days before she became a mother on April 12, Tristan Thompson was accused of cheating several months of fraud with the Kardashians with several women. Tristan did not comment on the allegations, even after pictures and videos surfaced and showed that he behaved inappropriately on the street.

Khloe gave birth in Cleveland, and several family members were at her side during the birth. When the birth of her daughter was first mentioned, Khloe told fans on Instagram that Baby True "stole our hearts completely and we are overwhelmed by LOVE". Khloe did not mention her problems with Tristan and said it was "such a blessing to include this angel in the family!"

Thanks to her mother Kris Jenner Khloe could

"Khloe loved having Kris by her side, she really helped ease the process and the transition," recounts one Source E! News exclusively. The Momager was also a "buffer" between Khloe, Tristan and the NBA player's family. "It was very stressful when the baby was born," since Khloe "was very overwhelmed by a new maternity and condition of their relationship." Kris really helped with the whole process, helping her to stay calm and to calm her mind, "adds the source, after visiting Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian she also emphasized" everyone was very supportive and attentive. "

Kim, who just returned to California wants Khloe to stay positive. "I'm so happy for you! Your baby is so beautiful! "Tweeted her on April 13." You are so strong, you have made this look so easy! "

In private, however, Khloe's family is angry." The family Kardashian Tristan is very cold since the scandal broke. They are not at all happy with him and are heartbroken for Khloe. Everyone stayed in the last week for the baby's sake, but deep inside, they're all angry. They feel that Tristan is deceitful and ashamed that he lied to them all, "says the source E! News." Loyalty is great in their family, and once trust is lost, it's hard to get everyone back on board. The family has Khloe back and only cares about making sure everyone is watching on all fronts. They urge them to do the best for true. "

And that's exactly what she does." Khloe is fascinated and completely in love with the baby. All she's thinking about is looking after the baby and being positive, "said another Insider E! News earlier this week." She has not made any decisions about what she's up to about Tristan. She is overwhelmed with feelings and can not think of anything but the baby. "

On her app on Wednesday, Khloe told her paying subscribers how their family prepared them for the joys and pains of parenting." My sisters are all such phenomenal mothers! I can not say exactly what advice or skills I will take from them, but I will remain awestruck on how to handle all of this. I hope that will be easy for me. Although I do not think much of taking advice – I do not think there is only one way or highway and we all have to adapt to our own routines – it's so reassuring to know that I have sisters I can ask You after everything that could turn up, "wrote the E! -star blogger." Just because I've watched them as mothers, I've learned so much already. "

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