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Kiko Alonso: I was confused, not hurt by incident

In the largely empty Dolphins locker room late Saturday, Kiko Alonso allowed himself to laugh at his newly discovered notoriety.

Alonso, the Dolphins linebacker, launched 1000 memes on Saturday night after wandering to the Ravens sideline, a third-down stop. Alonso first realized that he was in the wrong place when Ravens coach John Harbaugh sent him home.

The video was recorded by television cameras and quickly seen by countless thousands – mainly thanks to the Ravens tweeting it.

But what? happened exactly?

And was he alright?

Alonso quickly answered the second question. He did not suffer from a concussion or any other type of head injury.

Rather, he was only disoriented when he turned with Raven's close end Maxx Williams in third place.

Here's Alonso's tone in his own, somewhat embarrassed words:

"I think if you go back and you can see the whole thing, I turned the guy around," Alonso said. "I went over there, had lowered my head, I was fine, people obviously right off the bat," oh my god, is it a concussion?

"…. Then they are about to do a play saying," Get lost. "

Alonso did not get out in time, he was tagged for delaying the game, but not before Harbaugh laughed heartily The absurdity of everything got.

The jokes continued as he made it back to his own sidelines, and Alonso suspects that they are just starting.

"I'll definitely hear about it for a while, and it's fine

Alonso is famous for his words, and Saturday was probably the one he said the most (1

9659002) and he proved that brevity is really the soul of the joke.

How have You recognized that you were on the wrong side? asked a reporter. [19659017] "I looked."

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