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Kim Jong Nam Murder: Suspects are trained assassins

(SHAH ALAM) – Two Southeast Asian women accused of killing the alienated half-brother of the North Korean leader are trained assassins who used "criminal violence" to kill the venomous VX nerve agent on Kim Jong Nam's Public prosecutors Thursday said

The women's claim that they were deceived by North Korean agents because they believed they were playing a harmless prank for a hidden camera show was a "brilliant attempt to do their scary act." cover up to obscure the public's eyes and the court, "said the prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin to the court in his final arguments.

Indonesia's Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong from Vietnam, who are being sentenced to death penalty, have pleaded not guilty at a crowded airport terminal in Kuala Lumpur on February 1

3, 2017. Kim died within two hours. The women are the only suspects in detention, although prosecutors say they work with four North Korean suspects who fled the country on the day of the assassination.

Doan called herself an actress while Aisyah was a masseuse. Wan Shaharuddin said it was "not impossible for someone to lead a double life."

"This type of assassination can only be seen in James Bond films and the two girls were not randomly selected as scapegoats, they knew what they had to do and they did it," said Wan Shaharuddin. "There is no place to fail, only selected and trained individuals can ensure success."

Defenders argue that women have no motive to kill Kim but are innocent peasants in a high-profile political assassination attempt by North Korea.

Wan Shaharuddin claimed that the women were intent on killing Kim and knowing they were dealing with poison because they purposely targeted his eyes and hastily washed their hands after the attack. An expert has stated that the eyes are the best route for the spread of the poison and that VX can be washed off within 15 minutes of exposure without causing any symptoms.

Kim weighs nearly 220 pounds and stands at 5 feet. The prosecutor said the women had "used their physical strength" to smear the poison on his eyes and face.

"Criminal violence was used," he said. "The behavior of the two defendants was to quickly kill the attack without timely reaction from Kim … so they must be aggressive, otherwise (Kim) could block the act of applying the dangerous substance, and their mission would ultimately fail."

He said that security video footage suggests that the two attacked simultaneously to ensure "that their plan was a success".

He said the women were neither forced nor under duress when they attacked Kim. Despite her claims of pranks, he said that her expression and behavior during the attack did not reflect humor.

Although the operation may have been planned by the North Korean suspects, Wan Shaharuddin said the women were the actual killers

He acknowledged that the police investigation was not perfect, however, the court asked the women to ask To answer why VX was found on her clothes and on Huong's fingernails and why they attacked Kim they really did a joke.

"If they remain silent, any questions that remain in court will go unanswered and they should be sentenced," he said.

Aisyah's lawyer Gooi Soon Seng said in his refutation that there were many "doubts and omissions" in the indictment. He said that only 13 minutes after the attack, Aisyah was seen in video footage in the bathroom, raising doubts that she wanted to wash off the poison within 15 minutes.

Kim, the eldest son in the family, has ruled North Korea since its inception, had lived abroad for years after it had fallen out of favor. It is believed that he could be seen as a threat to the reign of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Malaysian officials have never officially accused North Korea of ​​Kim's death, and made it clear that they did not want to politicize the process.

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