Donald Trump orders American companies to seek alternatives soon after the announcement of new trade sanctions in China. According to analyst Amanda DeBusk, the situation is "very serious", but China's retaliatory measures are not surprising. (23rd of August)

The President had a busy week on Twitter and with speeches. From the dispute with Denmark on a possible takeover of Greenland to joke he wanted to award the medal of honor. Donald Trump has turned his head with a series of comments.

Here are the highlights of the week for those who need to catch themselves.

The King of Israel

Last week, Trump encouraged the state of Israel on Twitter to deny access to Democratic congressional women Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. And this week he talked about Jewish voters and their relationship with Israel. A lot of.

Trump told reporters over two consecutive days that Jewish Americans voting for Democrats were "disloyal to Israel."

Criticizing a statement by Omar that the US should reconsider the aid money they give to Israel since she and Tlaib were banned Trump said on Tuesday that Democrats "defended these two people against the state of Israel."

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Then Trump tweeted the claim of a conservative commentator and conspiracy theorist That Trump is for the Jewish people like the "King of Israel" be it to Wayne Allyn Root.

"King of Israel" became a hot topic at the same time Hashtag #DisloyalToTrump viral.

"I am the Chosen One"


President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was the "chosen one" to wage the China Trade War, insisting "someone had to do it." (21st of August)

Trump is "the chosen one". At least that's what he says about his trade war with China.

On Wednesday, Trump told reporters that the trade war should have started long ago among former presidents, but that "someone had to do it".

19659007] "I am the Chosen One," said Trump, looking symbolically at the sky.

Trump tweeted on Friday about China's latest round of customs with his anger.

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The Danish Prime Minister is "evil", and a Trump tower in Greenland.

Trump had the idea to buy Greenland from Denmark, where it is currently located

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen answered with her "disappointment and surprise" that the idea was "clearly rejected".

Trump decided to cancel his planned visit to Denmark and told reporters on Wednesday, "I was looking forward to it, but I found the prime minister's statement absurd that it was an absurd idea I found it an inappropriate one Statement. "

"I will not say it here", but "Keep America Great"

Also on Wednesday, Trump spoke at the 75th American Veterans Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, where he announced his plan to streamline the debt relief process for students of permanently disabled veterans.

During the speech, he explained to the audience that he would do this Do not use the slogan "Keep America Great," and then say it immediately.

"I will not say it here, because this is not a campaign speech," he said. "This is not a campaign speech, so I'm not going to say that America stays great, but we'll keep America great, we'll keep America great."

Speaking about the same speech, Trump wanted to award the Medal of Honor, but "they told me I do not qualify."

Trump "commands" companies to seek "alternative" markets

He wrote on Friday that he "ordered" American companies to think about alternatives to China and "manufacture their products in the US".

This occurred in response to developments with China, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell on Friday by more than 500 points.

Trump's reaction? The stock market has fallen because of a Democrat: Seth Moulton, who announced Friday that he would leave the mainline.

"The Dow has dropped by 573 points, possibly in the news that representatives Seth Moulton, whoever, has canceled the presidential race in 2020!" Trump joked on Twitter.

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