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Kings takeaways: What we learned in the 124-110 win against Melbourne United

SACRAMENTO – The Buddy Hield situation reaches a fever level.

Hield plans to sign a contract extension with the Kings before October 21st, but the pages appear miles apart what this extension might look like.

While the kings are silent, Hield uses every opportunity to champion his cause.

"I'm disappointed, but I'm not giving a signal," Hield told NBC Sports California after the kings Wednesday night's win over Melbourne United.

Hield has a dollar number in mind, as does the team. According to a previous report, there is a difference of approximately $ 20 million between pages.

"I just know where my value is and I will not touch anyone," said Hield. "I work hard, I come here every day and do my job."

When I pressed on what it would mean if a deal were not completed before the deadline expired, Hield tried to stay calm. He also made it clear that all his options are open.

"It's not frustrated, I'm just talking to my heart," said Hield. "I feel like people are upset when they get frustrated. I only speak what I believe and what I think. As I said, there are 30 teams out there. If you do not want to give me what I deserve, it will give me a team. You will have the ability to compete or you will have the ability to let me go. "

Heild is a restricted free agent after the season, giving the kings a strong position at the negotiating table if they choose to extend a qualifying bid of $ 6.5 million to the pro of the third year However, being able to compete with any offer he receives on the open market would be extremely risky to enter the summer of 2021

as an unrestricted free agent.

Hield knew he wanted to stay in Sacramento, but at the same time he feels as part of the core he has "The goal is to be here," said Hield to a larger media contingent. "I love Sacramento, but if they do not want me here, if they do not feel part of the core. I like respect and loyalty and I feel part of the group That brings the team back to where it needs to be. "

At the moment, Hield seems to be offended by the number kings have offered so far, but it is not known if they can come to a common ground, but due to the deadline, this situation can only occur a few days before the start cause regular rioting behind the scenes.

"Name a big name" Free Agent who came to Sacramento, "said Hield in the crowd. "I've been here for three years to develop the program and the organization, and I feel like I could be rewarded near it, but that's just me, that's my gut feeling."

Hields is the first of four major additions that kings will need to develop over the next 24 months, including Bogdan Bogdanovic, De'Arton Fox, and Marvin Bagley.

Although Hield agrees with the situation of kings, he can not deal with it. He knows what he's worth, and he's pushing the team to do that.

"It's all about value and where you see me as a player, and of course, when another young player shows up and gives them What they want shows how much they appreciate me," Hield told NBC Sports California ,

Hield is confident that he can shake the stress of the situation out of his thoughts and focus on the task ahead when the regular season starts week, whether he has a new deal or not after the deadline has expired.

"My job is to go out and play ball every night," said Hield. "Whatever jersey I wear, I will represent it to the fullest, that's what I do, I came out of nowhere, I know what it's like not to have something."

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Hield captained the kings Last season, he was 20.7 points per game Regarded as an important part of what the team builds up

Unfortunately for Hield and the Kings this is the business side of the game and can be tricky, the clock is ticking and getting louder every day.

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