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Kingsbury – Roses suits offense; No. 1 call not yet

PHOENIX – The idea that Cardinal Josh Rosen's quarterback does not fit into the new coach Kliff Kingsbury is wrong, Kingsbury said Tuesday at the NFL's Arizona annual meeting.

"No question," Kingsbury said. "People have said a lot of things that are misconceptions, if you like, but Josh is a great player, I've always thought to watch him at UCLA, he played his best football in a common system, some similarities He's a great thinker, very cerebral, can throw it with anyone, and we're very proud to build a system around a quarterback. "

" If someone says he's not in our system fits, does not fit make sense. Where will the top quarterback prospects end next month? Mel Kiper plans the first round of the draft ̵

1; with a few surprises.

Kingsbury would not divulge the content of his talks with Rosen but NFL quarterbacks "need thick Skin has "and an understanding of" the circus that goes with that position. "

Rosen can do both, Kingsbury added.

" He's a self-confident young man and that's what he loves about him, "Kingsbury said . " He has very thick skin. All this kind of case falls from his back and he is ready to prove what he can do. "

Kingsbury said with the first overall draft" Bounties of chatter. "And every word he says on the number 1 pick and ex-Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray was disassembled in every possible way.

" I feel I do not know that, I know that, "said Kingsbury," but I know you're fed up with hearing it, but we're not any closer to a decision [final] than our last conversation. You need to gather all the information, you need to get together with all the players and then you need to get the best answer you can imagine. "

In less than a month to the first round of the NFL The Cardinals, who own the first Total Specialist, are still in the" information gathering process, "Kingsbury said," Arizona's human resources department will meet again next week, weeks after weeks. " [Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Particles]

One topic of conversation will be who will write the Cardinals at No. 1.

"I am not sure when this decision will be made," Kingsbury said first time. But there is a lot to talk about.

That is, whether the Cardinals will draw Murray first overall.

Kingsbury, who recruited Murray to Texas A & M when he was the offensive coordinator in 2012, and then to Texas Tech, and then to Texas Tech In 2013, Murray praised him heavily on Tuesday and described him as "one of the better two-threat players ever to play."

Things like him, "said Kingsbury," you see the runnability that Mike Vick thinks he's a real dropback passer, if he wants to, he's a tough combination. "

When it comes to the air raid, Kingsbury said" it does not fit "when it comes to a certain kind goes from quarterback whom he would prefer or needs. But Kingsbury was not sure if the Cardinals had thought about roses since he said that Rosen was "our man" in February.

"You just want to make sure you are thorough when you have this number one," Kingsbury said. "This is a choice that can change your mind organization for many years." If you do not do all your due diligence, I think it's a mistake. [General manager] Steve [Keim] and [team president] Michael [19459020It'sthesamewayit'sbeenanextensiveprocessfromcombiningtoallthesepeopleandIfeellikewe'redoingagoodjobcollectinginformation"

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