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Kirsten Dunst gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The last 48 hours of Kirsten Durst's news cycle were a gift for a long weekend. We received new photos and videos from Kiki and her fiancée Jesse Plemons when she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which included the public debut of her adorable 15-month-old son Ennis, who learned more about her pseudo-Canadian meets sweet, and has cast a spell over critics and peers because she did not recognize her work early enough or often enough in her industry. Twice.

Let's start with Jesse Plemons, AKA Landry. He and Sofia Coppola, with whom she has worked four times (even a "Coppola" time, sorry), both spoke at their launch party on Thursday. As she's about to promote her new Showtime series On the Way to a God in Central Florida her star was in honor of her film work, and neither Landry nor Sofia are related to the series. Landry was featured as "Actor and Kirsten's Husband" at 1

2:30 in this video. Are you married now? In his remarks, he also called her his "wife" while calling him a "partner".

I love the cheese factor. Landry's mission was to honor and embarrass Kiki.

"When I'm here today, I remember one of my favorite quotes … In Hollywood they shoot for the moon, Because even if you miss it, you end up among the stars … That's not my real talk … We did not share our speeches, and I just wanted to see her face when I delivered the most cliched and boring speech of all time. "

" The truth is, I love you, Kiks, and I could not be more proud of you than I am right now. … Apart from the brilliant actor you are, I also had the greater pleasure of meeting you as a person outside of work. … To see what kind of mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and cohort you are, that's why I and all your friends and everyone else are here today and why we love you all … It's for the incredibly generous and amazing person that you are.

He tells how they were met "down to the last detail" when they flew to Calgary to work on Fargo and even a "Kiki" song started to embarrass them. It is gold.

Sofia's speech was succinct, and she briefly addresses the meeting with Kiki "in Toronto when she was 16, and I was 29" before being sent to The Virgin Suicides

Standing filming On the podium, Kiki thanked Landry for his sweet, touching words and said: "Jesse, you're everything to me. I never thought I would have a partner who understands me like you. Speaking of honor:

"The choices I've made [professionally] have always been I come from my intuition and my heart, and it's really a gift when people look for it."

react. "

That's for sure. But is this recognition overdue? After all … Lainey wrote about Kiki's Walk of Fame introduction for the first time over two years ago, in June 2017.

Kiki is sort of a cult icon. She's fun, a great interviewer, and has a solid sense of humor about herself and her career path. I was able to watch her 1800's "Girls Gone Wild" parody video from The Beguiled which ran all day. But when she sat down with Sirius XM earlier this week looking back on her career, she expressed her disappointment at the kind of recognition she has received so far and the belated appreciation for her work.

"Things that people [enjoy] are like:" Remember, when "Marie Antoinette" [came out] – You swam it? And now you all love it. Do you remember "Drop Dead Gorgeous"? Swum. Now you love it all … It's interesting I feel like many things I do later. I have never been recognized in my industry. I was never nominated for anything. Maybe twice for a Golden Globe when I was little and for a "fargo." Maybe they just think I'm the girl of "Bring It On."

… I just feel like, "What have I done?" … I'm so cold. Maybe I do not play the game enough. I mean, I do everything I should do. It's not like I'm rude or do not advertise or anything. I eel like … I know that all you have is your work at the end of the day. And that's really important to all people. I'm smart enough to know that and have a perspective, but sometimes you say, 'It would be nice to be recognized by your peers. "

You can feel the feeling of frustration and heartache in her words, but also the stubbornness. It's not that she is defeated by her decisions – if nothing else, then Kiki is with them. And social media are gathering behind her. These quotes were picked up days after she was enrolled and circulated at the same time as she received one of the biggest career milestones in her career. Recognition in any area always needs time, and Hollywood is known to be ultimately the "overdue" narrative. It is still surprising that Julianne Moore's first Oscar came for Still Alice .

I remember well the excitement of Melancholia after Kiki won the best actress in Cannes And I remember how excited she was when she talked to Jimmy Fallon about her family's reaction talking about the award in Late Night and how her grandma would talk about it in the supermarket.

There is no doubt that her family is still proud of her. But when will we get the "overdue" narrative going for Kiki? Is it just a matter of time or years before the timing falls on their side? (Lainey: To be clear, nobody here has to apologize to Kirsten Dunst, she never had to worry about work when she comes, where she's from.) There are obviously a lot of people in Hollywood who have a hard time But this is a "relative" discussion, a comparative discussion, ten years before Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence existed, there was Kirsten Dunst, who does not name anyone, but you know the praise and the recognition both of them have received, and that's never for Kiki happens, although they probably occupy the same rooms.)

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